Convict Faces 13 New Charges After Assault on Las Vegas Judge in Courtroom

A convicted criminal who was captured on video attacking a Nevada judge in a courtroom now faces 13 new charges. Attack During Sentencing Judge Mary Kay Holthus of the Clark County District Court was mid-sentencing 30-year-old convict Deobra Delone Redden on Wednesday when he attacked her. Court Appearance Refused Redden was scheduled for a court […]

Chicago Pair Fight Off Armed Carjackers

A 40-year-old woman and her coworker were heading to the airport together when a group of carjackers accosted them. The pair miraculously fought off the armed attackers without suffering any significant injuries, saving the vehicle and managing to get to a hospital to receive treatment. A Normal Day On the early morning of Wednesday, the […]

UN Women’s Charity Faces Backlash for Appointing Gender Diverse Model as UK Champion

A United Nations women’s charity is facing criticism following their selection of a transgender model to represent British women. 17 Groups Object to UN Women UK’s Trans Model Appointment At least 17 women’s rights organizations have objected to the United Nations Women UK’s November appointment of Munroe Bergdorf, a 36-year-old transgender model and broadcaster, as […]

Students in Loudoun County Express Concerns through Walkout Regarding Recent Policy on Bathroom and Locker Room Access

Students in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) in Virginia staged a walkout in protest of a 2021 policy that allows people to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity. Students complained about feeling unsafe and unheard, although transgender and non-binary students are exponentially more likely to be victims of abuse than aggressors.  […]

Teachers to be Trained How to Address Equity Issues in Math Education

The Pittsburgh Public School Board is the latest group to implement practices to tackle the influence of white supremacy in mathematics. A consultancy has been hired to help teachers avoid perpetuating white supremacy in their lessons. The decision On October 25, the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board voted in favor of a measure that will pay […]

Aide Says Benedict Would Never Have Blessed Same-Sex Couples

The Vatican’s groundbreaking ruling to bless same-sex unions has led to new clashes within the Catholic Church, a declaration that the late Pope Benedict would have been displeased to witness, according to a German cardinal. Catholic Church Faces Internal Clashes At a gathering marking one year since Pope Benedict’s death, a prominent figure in the […]

Orlando’s “Black Lives Matter” Mural To Be Taken Down as Part of City Improvement Plan Raises Eyebrows Over Motives

The residents of Orlando are taking their last glances at the “Black Lives Matter” mural on Rosalind Avenue, as it won’t be there anymore once the city starts resurfacing and repainting several downtown streets. Farewell to Iconic BLM Mural It’s been close to four years since the mural became a part of the cityscape, but […]

Court Rules Christian Photographer Can Refuse LGBTQ+ Couples

The Fourth Circuit Court ruled to allow a Christian photographer to refuse to work with LGBTQ+ couples. The ruling comes during backsliding on LGBTQ+ rights in many parts of the US. The photographer Bob Updegrove is a Christian photographer. Like many, he shoots weddings as part of his job. The law In 2020, Virginia added […]

Iowa Judge Brutally Criticizes and Blocks State Book Ban

Stephen Lochner, a federal judge in Iowa, temporarily blocked a state law banning books containing sexual content from school libraries. Lochner’s ruling systematically tore apart the law, which was passed despite no evidence showing the books banned cause harm and is vague enough to cause the removal of hundreds of valuable works of literature. The […]

Trans girl, 10, from Ohio, speaks ahead of the state likely ban despite Governor’s veto

A 10-year-old transgender girl from Ohio spoke up against the state ban that would put certain limitations on trans children. The news of the Governor vetoing a restriction on gender-affirming care will provide this and many other families temporary relief.  Ohio’s new potential ban  The Ohio House of Representatives and Senate approved House Bill 68, […]