20 Smart Questions to Ask When Visiting the Doctor

Surprise your doctor during the next appointment by coming prepared with questions they want to hear from their patients. #1 WHAT CAN I DO TO PREVENT FUTURE HEALTH PROBLEMS? Once you have finished your annual check-up or you have recovered from an illness, you can ask your doctor about your future and how to prevent […]

20 Stupid Things Docs Want People to Stop Doing

Doctors have seen it all, from unhealthy habits to accidental injuries. While they are there to help you get back on track to good health, there are certain things they wish their patients would stop doing. Here are 20 things your doctor wants you to stop doing to live a healthier, safer, and more fulfilling […]

Surgeon discusses “toxic” DEI and argues it led to “erosion” of medical care

In a column, Dr. Richard Bosshardt criticized DEI, suggesting it contributed to the decline in medical care. He also took aim at the American College of Surgeons, implying the organization prioritized discussing “White privilege” and “implicit bias” over maintaining quality. Who is Dr. Bosshardt? The plastic surgeon, based in Florida, has decades of experience in […]

Oklahoma Demands Teachers Repay Up to $50,000 in Wrongly Issued Bonuses

Oklahoma educators,  having mistakenly been awarded bonuses as high as $50,000,  are now grappling with the urgent requirement to repay these funds. Joy Turns to Despair As a mother of four, with a fifth on the way, Kristina Stadelman was overjoyed to receive a $50,000 bonus for accepting a challenging special education teaching position in […]

21 Wardrobe Choices That Leave Men Impressed

Women are more invested in fashion trends and impressing other women. Fashion is fun and playful for most ladies, and an outfit can reflect a whole personality. What you rarely see in fashion magazines is what women wear that men love. It is because guys are about two simple things: exposure and a certain feeling. […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets History Lesson on House Floor

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is infamous for making and sharing false statements and conspiracy theories. Democratic Representative Chellie Pingree gave her a lesson in American history. Historical times  During a discussion in the House over an amendment that would forbid the use of certain funds to remove national monuments, Marjorie Taylor Greene took the floor. […]

People Found Living in Furnished Caves in California

Multiple communities of people experiencing homelessness have been found living in caves in riverbanks in central California. Dozens of people had dug out and furnished cave dwellings in different locations and were forced to leave upon being discovered. First finding This week, locals told authorities about a group of people experiencing homelessness living in caverns […]

 The Food Expiration Dates You Need to Follow for Safe Eating (And When It’s Okay to Ignore Dates)

Concerned about the ‘expiration number date’? The first concern you might have is regarding the ‘number date’. Have you been revisiting those long-forgotten spices and stale beans in your pantry? Just how stale is too stale? When do you decide it’s time to discard something? What about fresh foods? If you’re trying to limit trips […]

12 of the Best Books We’ve Ever Read, Hands Down

Books are more than just words. Some become home to many. Others become life lessons that they never forget. Each has a story of its own which can stay with us forever, which is why we keep thinking about them long after the book is finished. 1. Persuasion – Jane Austen Out of all of […]

20 Traits That Define a True Manly Man

Being a manly man has changed over time, though some principles remain the same. Toxic masculinity tried to erase manly traits by giving them a negative connotation, but real men saw right through it, and women across the globe are grateful for it. Check out these manly traits to understand where you stand. Pumping the […]