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How to Write a Financial Report Analysis

Students of finance departments have to deal with many complex papers. They frequently write financial report analyses. They require a lot of time, huge enthusiasm, patience, and advanced writing skills. Don’t mess up a report and its analysis. A financial report provides clear facts about a certain topic. It’s a detailed sequence of relevant facts. […]

How an Elopement Could Save You Money and Help You Avoid COVID Wedding Stress

For many American couples, walking down the aisle is a rite of passage. But the novel coronavirus has had major impacts on many a pair’s ability to say “I do” in front of their friends and family. With most large gatherings all but outlawed in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, many soon-to-be brides […]

What Venture Capitalists Look At When Considering Potential Investments

Financing is critical for launching a startup company. Many entrepreneurs choose to secure bank loans or launch crowdfunding campaigns to obtain the early-stage financing they need to grow their businesses, while others prefer to seek money from venture capitalists. It is often difficult for small companies to capture the interest of venture capitalists as they […]

Assets that Increase Your Net Worth

  Buying assets that increase your net worth is a key strategy to building wealth. There are nearly endless assets that you can buy that will help you increase your net worth. I’ll narrow it down to a few of the more common ones that the average person has access to and can invest in. […]

Six Reasons to Sell Your Settlement Payments

If you have settlement payments, you may have a built-in lump sum of funds in the event that you need it. The selling process is simple: just contact your payment holder to get started. Upon review and an offer, your case will be sent to a judge to approve your request. It is a standard […]

Will Bitcoin Become a Safe Haven Again?

The beginning of the year has been a complicated few months for a lot of people. As the world faces the most horrific pandemic we’ve seen in decades, the economy has begun to stumble, with traditional fiat currency taking a massive blow. People who have spent years or decades investing their cash into long-term solutions […]

Malawi’s FDH Bank Profits Hit MK7.8 Billion

In February 2020, FDH Bank reported MK7.846 billion in after-tax profits for the tax year ending 31st December 2019. This represented a staggering 32% growth on the MK5.965 billion reported by the financial institution for the previous tax year.

5 High-Tech Tools Transforming the Construction Industry

Since technology continues to evolve every passing day, the construction industry is taking advantage of this progress and using it to its benefit. According to Statista, construction costs in the USA spiked to a total of $1.29 trillion in 2018. With industry-wide labor shortages and increases in material costs, construction businesses have to ensure they […]

Michael Jordan’s Game Shoes Sell for $560,000 at Auction

A pair of Michael Jordan’s game shoes sold this past Sunday at Sotheby’s New York for $560,000.  A sum that is higher than Jordan’s rookie year salary of $550,000. Bidding began May 8th for the Jordan Air 1s. The actual time frame of when the shoes were worn is not listed, but it is believed […]

Parameters to Choose a Trading Robot 

Bitcoin Marketing is one of the most efficiently working stock market. Unlike other stock markets bitcoin market never even dozes off. They are always awake and wide still even if you are sleeping the bitcoin market is never sleeping. Since here we will tell you how to buy a bot, we will try to give […]