31 Expert Home Upgrades That Skyrocket Your Property’s Value

Planning to put your house on the market? It’s wise to first assess and tweak your property for a better shot at your asking price and to bring in eager buyers. Follow these 31 expert recommendations to make your home a market magnet. New Floor Plans Revamping your home’s layout for an open concept design […]

Republicans Express Dismay About Trump’s Power Over GOP

After Trump and his allies scuppered a conservative border deal, ousted the RNC chair, continued embarrassing Nikki Haley, and increased pressure on formerly untouchable top Republicans like Mitch McConnell, several GOP politicians bemoaned the devastating power the former president wields over the Party and its members. Untouchable “He’s got a stronghold. It’s not just on […]

Homeowners Shocked by Doubling Property Taxes in Six Months, Risking Home Loss

Homeowners in Hamilton County, Ohio, are facing a daunting reality: a more than twofold increase in property taxes over the past six months.  Property Tax Shock WXIX in Cincinnati reveals that property taxes for several homeowners in the county have skyrocketed by nearly 500 percent, pushing many to the brink as they struggle to meet […]

Minor Issue at the Rental

We had a minor issue at the rental last week. During an arctic blast of cold weather, the furnace broke. Luckily we were able to have it repaired quickly and were back up and running the next day. Furnace Breakdown The weather dipped below zero right around Christmas and stayed there for several days. The […]

Our First Year Owning Our Rental Cottage

Our first year owning our rental cottage is coming to a close. We’ve learned a lot and have made lots of progress. 2023 is looking bright, as bookings for next year are already coming in. Here is a quick year in review and a look ahead. Total Bookings Total bookings for 2022 came in at […]

Our Rental Continues to Perform Well

Our rental continues to perform well. We are now at $13,000 in rents for this calendar year so far. We actually have a booking for 2023 already. We have some plans for improvements coming up. All of which will be paid for from the rents we’ve collected. Projects We are going to try to have […]

Different Types of Mortgages and Their Uses

You must choose the best mortgage while purchasing a home or other assets. Your choice may depend on the amount you need to borrow and the stability of your finances. You might be able to locate another mortgage that’s a good match if you don’t qualify for one type. There are various mortgage types, and […]

How Much Should You Pay for a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator?

Real Estate Transaction Coordinators play an important role in the entire real estate transaction. They are the ones who connect parties involved in the home purchase or selling process. If you are benefiting from their services, how much should you pay a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator? 1. What Is a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator and […]

$10,000 in Bookings at our Rental Cottage

We have officially reached $10,000 in bookings  at our rental cottage. We opened bookings on May 1st of this year and just crossed this milestone the other day. I estimated that we would do around $10,000 our first year, and it looks like we will do even more. A Successful First Year To say that […]

Tips for Preparing Your Home Before It Goes On the Market

If you plan on selling your home or property, you want to get the most out of it. You may or may not have invested money into property, but the best way to add value is by making useful upgrades that are proven to benefit the new owner and add value to your home. The […]