31 Expert Home Upgrades That Skyrocket Your Property’s Value

Planning to put your house on the market? It’s wise to first assess and tweak your property for a better shot at your asking price and to bring in eager buyers.

Follow these 31 expert recommendations to make your home a market magnet.

New Floor Plans

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Revamping your home’s layout for an open concept design can be a game-changer in the real estate market, according to Bill Golden, an independent real estate agent with RE/Max Metro Atlanta City side.

Modern Showers

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Golden advises focusing on shower luxury for a modern bathroom makeover. Today’s homeowners prefer expansive, well-appointed showers over large tubs.

Chic Social Areas

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Mary Ann Graboyes, real estate agent at Weichert Realtors® in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, suggests turning a spare room into a lively entertainment area with a big screen and lounge space. It’s a home improvement that adds both immediate enjoyment and future resale value. 

Outdoor Kitchen Oasis

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“Outdoor living spaces are on the checklist for most new luxury home buyers,” Graboyes. emphasizes. Adding a BBQ, mini bar, and refrigerator outdoors can be a lucrative home upgrade.

Eco-Friendly Upgrade

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Graboyes advises going green to boost your home’s value. Simple energy-efficient upgrades like CFLs, low-flow features, and smart thermostats can go a long way.

Roof Revamp

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Graboyes urges homeowners with roofs over 20 years old to consider replacement. A new, energy-efficient roof not only resolves issues but can significantly lift your home’s list price.

First Impressions Count

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Graboyes emphasizes the importance of curb appeal. Simple touches like a well-manicured lawn, a new mailbox, and clean walkways dramatically boost your home’s appeal.

Extra Bathroom

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Adding an extra bathroom is a game-changer for home value. Steve Frellick, the licensed contractor, suggests even unused spaces like closets or basement corners can become a bathroom, boosting both functionality and resale worth.

A Bathroom Refresh

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Frellick advises a modern bathroom makeover for a solid investment return. Small changes like updating fixtures or adding fresh paint make a big difference. 

Switching Old Tiles

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Switching old tiles for timeless subway tiles can be a smart move. If your budget allows, consider water-efficient toilets for added appeal.

Peek Under Your Carpet 

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Discover hidden gems under your carpet. 

Frellick highlights that hardwood and tile floors not only add warmth but promise a solid return on investment. Perfect for allergy sufferers, these flooring options are both stylish and practical.

Mid-Century Modern Flair

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Infuse your home with a touch of retro coolness. Frellick suggests incorporating mid-century modern elements like antique barn-doors or Edison bulb fixtures for a style that elevates and sells.

Add a Mud Room

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Nick Cohen from Advanced Builders and Contractors in Los Angeles suggests adding a mud room for functionality. 

“Along with providing a space for your washer and dryer, it can also help reduce clutter, open up new storage option, and help protect your wood flooring over time,” he says.

Transform a Basement

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Cohen points out that finishing a basement can drastically increase your home’s square footage and value. He recommends adding living areas and at least a half bath.

Transform an Attic 

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Cohen suggests converting your attic into a functional space like a loft or home office. This renovation can bypass zoning issues and add considerable value. 

“Some homeowners may have the option to turn their attic into a loft, master suite, or home office, without having to deal with confusing zoning restrictions,” he advises.

Revamp Your Garage

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Allen Shayanfekr, CEO and co-founder of Sharestates suggests a complete garage makeover, including replacing the door, applying epoxy paint on floors, and adding insulation. 

“A large two-car garage door is a huge eyesore if it’s rusty, banged up, or if the paint is faded,” notes Shayanfekr. 

Maximize Space

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Shayanfekr sees potential in the space above your garage. Creating a studio apartment there not only offers extra living space but can also provide rental income, boosting your property’s value.

Solar Power

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Shayanfekr highlights the dual benefits of installing solar panels: increasing your home’s value while saving on energy costs. Plus, potential tax credits and rebates make it an attractive upgrade.

“Being able to produce your own energy means you can save money which translates to value,” says Shayanfekr.

Focus on the Big Three

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For significant value addition, Shayanfekr suggests remodeling the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. These are key areas where functional and cosmetic improvements can make a significant difference.

HVAC Upgrade

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“Installing HVAC always positively impacts the value of a property,” notes Shayanfekr.

This upgrade can significantly cut energy costs and increase your home’s resale value, while reducing carbon emissions.

Vibrant Front Yard

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“Flowers and seasonal shrubs, evergreen trees, and foliage bring color to your front yard all four seasons,” notes Kevin Guzior, Vice President of Marketing at Pioneer Landscape Centers.

The combination of colorful plants and effective lighting can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal year-round.

Create a Backyard Oasis

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Guzior recommends transforming any size yard into an oasis with artificial grass. Artificial grass offers a lush, maintenance-free lawn, ideal for both children and pets. 

Enhancing the space with seasonal foliage, colorful planters, and strategic landscaping like garden mounds and lighting can create a stunning outdoor retreat.

Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

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Adding a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can be a captivating feature for your backyard oasis. It provides warmth for chilly evenings and creates a cozy gathering spot for family and friends. 

This Upgrade is not only aesthetically pleasing but also increases the functionality of your outdoor space, making it more appealing and usable year-round.

Motorized Window Solutions

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Realtor Luis Dominguez of Douglas Elliman Real Estate points to motorized window shades as a current top home feature, saying, “The biggest ‘wow factor’ I’m seeing right now is motorized window shades.”

They offer a blend of safety, ease of use, and a modern touch that appeals to buyers.

A Welcoming Entrance

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Dominguez emphasizes the significance of the front door in home appeal. A fresh coat of paint, especially in red, yellow, or blue, coupled with quality handles, can make a striking first impression and enhance your home’s value.

Chic Countertops

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Upgrading to stone countertops is a top home improvement move.

“Whether it is granite or quartz, the potential home buyer will not see the kitchen as finished without them,” Dominguez says.

Color Revival

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For a fresh, valuable look, Dominguez suggests updating your home’s color palette to modern neutrals, especially gray, which can elevate its overall appeal.

Accent Walls

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Dominguez states that unique homes capture buyers’ interest. Accent walls using exposed brick, rustic wood, or even trendy wallpaper can make your home stand out and spark offer discussions.

Driveway Design

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Consider driveway upgrades for significant curb appeal. Materials like stamped concrete enhance a home’s first impression, potentially making it appear larger and more inviting.

“A correctly designed driveway will actually make the house look bigger when your potential buyer is pulling up to the house for the first time,” says Dominguez.

Expand Outdoors

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Dominguez suggests building a covered terrace to extend your home’s livable area. This feature adds appeal and competes with larger homes by offering additional outdoor living space.

Add a Fireplace

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Adding a fireplace can boost your home’s sale price by 10%, according to Dominguez. Even in warm climates, a fireplace, whether gas, electric, or traditional, adds a cozy touch and value.

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