Financial Update, OCT 2021

financial update, October 2021

fall is in the air, and projects to prep for winter are in full swing

Here is a quick financial update for October. As the markets continue to perform well, so too does my portfolio. Our rental property is coming together, and I’ve been getting some projects done around the house.

Personal Finances

My portfolio continues to perform well as the markets march higher. I recently did some rebalancing in my ROTH IRA, selling some of my large cap companies and picking up some small cap names. Other than that, everything has been business as usual. Monthly contributions continue to feed my various accounts.

Rental Property Update

Our property is now fully furnished. Next on the agenda is to do some minor upgrades and repairs on the interior. New lighting fixtures, some paint, and some electrical upgrades are on our to do list.

We may have our first rental, so that is exciting news. It is a friend of ours, as we aren’t yet ready to open the property to the general public on Airbnb . There are still some necessary repairs to do before we get to that point.

Projects at Home

With fall fully here and winter around the corner, I’ve been busy doing some projects at home. All lawn furniture is put away, I’ve painted some exterior trim work around my doors, the pool is closed, and I’ve started to winterize my lawn equipment.

Wrapping Up

So, there is a financial update for October. I’ve been keeping busy, but it’s been productive, and I’m making money. Until next time.

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