June 2021 Personal Financial Update


June brings warm weather, vacations, and a chance to improve your finances.

June is here and with it another update. I’ve gotten more work done at home and at camp since my last update. My portfolio keeps pushing higher and my mortgage balance continues to fall. Here is a brief update of what’s been going on with me.

Wealth Building

As the month of June enters so does another record high for my portfolio. There is no real genius happening here. Everything is basically on autopilot. Regular investing over time is really all that I’m currently doing. I’d call my portfolio about as passive of an investment as I can have.

I’m still thinking about real estate, but the market is crazy right now to the point that I’ll be sitting on the sidelines until things cool off. I also don’t want to take on debt, so any real estate that I add to my holdings will be for cash. There are plenty of arguments for and against using leverage for real estate, but I have landed on the no debt side of the matter. You can learn more about that issue here.

Debt Repayment

There isn’t much to report here this June. The only debt that I have is my mortgage. Refinancing is tempting, but I need to do the math on whether making extra payments will get me to the same place. I can save myself an appraisal and refinance costs by simply paying more to the principal. I just need to figure out the time frame and the numbers.

Changes for Next Update

I’ve been continuing to build cash. I have multiple cash accounts that I have been contributing to for the purpose of emergencies, projects at home and camp, and an eventual vehicle replacement. So, beefing up my cash positions is the only major financial change that I have been doing.


June is here, and I am in the middle of lots of projects. My finances are doing well, and my one debt keeps falling. I can’t complain about my Spring and Summer so far. How are your finances fairing? Share below.

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