How to buy your Car Online: Respecting Women and the Art of Negotiation

how to get cheap car insurance

how to get cheap car insuranceAs a general rule, the idea of stepping outside of your house to purchase something is considered to be old-fashioned in the modern age. Strangely, however, this is never mentioned when people discuss rising levels of obesity, despite the fact that you can now order in everything from groceries and takeaways to clothes and fashion accessories.

The rising trend for online shopping has also made it easier than ever to purchase high-ticket items such as cars, without forcing individuals to place their money at risk. Buying a car online still poses some challenges, however, especially as private sellers are now more self-aware than at any other point in time.

With this in mind, how should you look to buy a car online without spending outside of your means? Consider the following tips: –

Respect the Power and Influence of Women

Although this may seem like a general rule for life, it has particular relevance when buying a car online. According to ABC News, women make 85% of all car-buying decisions (along with approximately 100% of all additional considerations). Assuming this is accurate, it also stands to reason that they should have the decisive say when selling the family vehicle, meaning that the guy who places the advertisement online is often little more than a glorified puppet. This means you should always be prepared to be patient when establishing the exact price, as the person you are interacting with may not be the decision-maker.

Be Critical and Look for Fault

This may seem like a generally negative trait, but it can help you to save money when buying a car online. Whether you are browsing images of a potential vehicle or visiting it in person, adopt a keen eye for detail and be extremely critical in your appraisal. You should also compare the cost of similar vehicles on the market, as the vendor may have placed too high a premium on their car. These perceived faults and imperfections can all be used to drive the cost of the car down, especially if the vendor is particularly motivated to sell. Don’t overdo it, however, as you want to ensure that you maintain some form of positive rapport with the seller.

Learn the Art of Negotiation

Rather than being the title for a Jeremy Clarkson novel fault-finding and test drives are actually preparation for negotiating with vendors. You should never enter formal negotiations until you have clearly defined specifications, facts and have tested the cars performance out on the open road. Once these formalities have been completed, however, you can interact with the seller on a one-to-one level and negotiate the best possible price. Once again, the key is to remain likeable as you attempt daylight robbery, although you should always look to be as fair as possible and offer some incentive for the vendor to do business directly with you.

Above else, remember to pay attention to the seemingly insignificant details of the deal in question, including the additional costs and currency that the price is listed in. If the price of your preferred vehicle is listed in either dollars or euros, for example, consider using online resources such as Currencies Direct to convert the cost and ultimately achieve value for money.