30 Things Men Wear to Get Women’s Attention – According to Women

Guys are often insecure about their fashion choices, so they wear what their buddies wear. However, most women appreciate stylish, well-groomed men, so to impress the ladies, you should pay more attention to what you wear. Here is what you should wear to drive them crazy!


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Regardless of how many hours you spend in the gym, you certainly won’t look your best if your clothes do not fit properly. A well-tailored suit or a fitted button-up with the sleeves rolled up sleeves are certain winners, so give your tailor a call before the next date.


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A classic black, grey, or navy suit never goes out of style. It is an investment because everything needs to look and feel perfect. Some compare it to a little black dress in every woman’s closet, but others choose to see a good suit as seductive as lingerie.


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A chic, rock leather jacket gives a guy an edgy look. It looks great with a plain white tee, a sweatshirt, or even a button-down. Pick darker colors to give your look more mystery.


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If you are wearing a tie, a tie bar is a must. It shows that you are not afraid to accessorize and to do it with style. A plain silver one is safe, but a choice women cannot resist.


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A sporty-elegant watch is unbeatable if you want to show off your style to the ladies. While smartwatches are fine, there is something elegant and manly when you wear a classic wristwatch, not too big, yet not too small, especially if you wear a button-down with rolled-up sleeves or a suit.


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Men love when women wear yoga pants. Women adore men in grey sweatpants. They are attractive yet show a fun-loving, relaxed side of you.


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Apart from wearing jeans that fit you, a good look comes in the form of dark jeans with a straight leg. These are versatile, so they will look great with a dress-up fitted shirt, a tee, or a Hansley top. Ladies love dark jeans, and you have an easy, everyday outfit.


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So far, we’ve learned that dark and muted tones are a must in every man’s wardrobe. But women like men who are not afraid to add some color to their looks. It can be a playful necktie, a tee in a shade of green or red, or a silk pocket square in lavender. The choice is yours, but do not forget to embrace colors to light up the mood.


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Collared dress shirts are impressive, as the ladies will confirm. But they need to fit like a glove, be pressed, and if they are white, which is always a winning idea, they must be spotless. Roll up the sleeves, put on the watch, and watch women melt.


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During colder days, wearing a fitted button-down with a V-neck sweater can make your shoulders appear wider. If you choose a plain one-color sweater, you can pick a shirt with a pattern to make things more interesting.


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An adequately fitted sportcoat with a pair of dark jeans is an outfit you can wear during days and nights, for work and play. Women like guys who know how to mix and match casual with dressy, so you only need an attractive cardigan under the sport coat or a plain V-neck tee.


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V-neck shirts can be a major turn-on. The V should not be deeper than 2-3 inches because you do not want to look tacky. Gals like guys who can fill out V-neck tees, and since these are tighter than regular shirts, it sends a signal that you are confident.


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Belts show your dedication to getting everything right. It highlights masculinity and shows that you know a thing or two about looking proper and fashionable in an effortless way.


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All men have their own scent, and women are attracted to their natural smell. Guys do not like when a woman drowns her scent in a fragrance, and vice versa. A touch of your fave cologne with your natural scent is just what you need.


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Gals like their men to have regular sneakers. Not the flashy ones or the trendiest ones. Plain white or black leather ones will fit perfectly with your sweatpants as well as your jeans.


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Though women are obsessed with shoes in their own world, they like guys who keep simple things interesting. A polished pair of classic oxford or lace-up dark brown or black shoes will do just fine. Your choice of socks, however, might be a deal breaker.


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Like your socks, ties can be fun, colorful, and playful. But women notice the texture even more than the pattern. Regardless, ties are hot, so try out different styles to find those made for you. 


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Scarves are fashionable and practical during colder days. It is a casual piece, an accessory, which completes your autumn and winter outfit. Plus, women believe it helps you look more put together, which is always a plus.

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Pick a plain white tee with a pair of worn-down jeans for casual day outfits. With sneakers and a cool bomber jacket, you are ready for a casual day out with any gal.


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If there is one thing most women find annoying is when the pants or jeans fit ideally, but they need to be longer. Ideally, wear a pair of jeans longer so you can roll them up during your days off. 


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You can wear them with a plain tee underneath or with a cool leather jacket. Either way, henleys are irresistible, as they are casual but reveal the muscles in all the right ways.


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You cannot pass on a pair of classic chinos if you want a smart casual look that women will find attractive. With a nice collared shirt and jumper, many women believe this is the second best looking thing on men, after a well-fitted suit.


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While blue is always a great idea, many women love to see a guy rocking a pink shirt. Wearing pink is atypical, a statement against old-fashioned masculinity, which only makes a guy look more mature and manly. Pink shows confidence, and it is the ultimate turn-on.

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Chukka boots are cool yet classic. They can be worn casually, smart casually, or even in some office settings. The traditional, simple lines are what ladies find attractive, so you cannot go wrong with a pair of Chukka or Chelsea boots.


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Chunky, padded jackets are good for fun in the snow. Real guys wear peacoats during colder days, and women adore them because they are stylish, versatile, and masculine in all the proper ways.


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Aviator glasses are cool. They look fantastic regardless of your age since they give a whole look bad-boy vibe.


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If you wear the beanie correctly, you will steal glances. The trick is not to tuck in any hair. Choose a cuffless beanie and wear it high on your forehead. This will make your face stand out and elongate your neck.


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Many men are reluctant to wear jewelry. But things are looking up, and women tend to enjoy men confident enough to rock some pleasant jewels. Men’s bracelets are mainly laidback and playful, and this simple piece can turn good into a fantastic outfit.


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Men like to think their belts, watches, and shoes have to be the same color. Women believe fashion is a playground, so matching is dull. A perfect combo includes black with grey and light camel brown.


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Last but not least is a healthy dose of confidence. A polite smile will make any outfit look better. But confidence will make you stand out, and pushing outside your fashion comfort zone might help you gain more self-respect.

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