“Star Witness” Against Fani Willis Says His Claims Were “Speculation”

Divorce lawyer Terrence Bradley, who worked with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, testified in the Fulton County case. However, a key witness for Donald Trump’s team, when pressed, could not recall some crucial moments and timelines. 

Bradley testified for over two hours

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Bradley, Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney, testified for over two hours. Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant showed a text exchange between the two, where Bradley claimed that a relationship between Willis and Wade started in 2019. That’s two years before Willis hired Wade. 

Reluctant response 

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Merchant asked, “When did you first have knowledge of their relationship?” The lawyer and star witness for Trump’s team responded, “I’ve said time and time again that I don’t have knowledge of when the relationship began. So I can’t answer that.”

Office shenanigans 

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Merchant asked, “Wade told you they had sex at that office?” To that, Bradley repeated, “I don’t recall.” The lawyer also questioned Bradely’s previous claims about Wade having a garage door opener for Willis’s home. Bradley told Merchant that he had no recollection of ever saying that. 

Trump’s lead counsel takes the lead 

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It went similarly with Trump’s lead counsel after Bradley was confused he was “speculating” about the relationship. Steve Sadow asked, “Why would you speculate when she was asking you a direct question about when the relationship started?” Bradley said he had no answer to the question.

The most significant takeaway

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Initially, Bradley avoided testifying, citing client-attorney privilege. Judge Scott McAfee decided that Wade’s divorce lawyer must testify about the relationship. When it comes to the timeline, the lawyer said, “I do not have knowledge of it starting or when it started.” He added, “I never witnessed anything. So, you know, it was speculation.”

It went on 

District Attorney Fani Willis holds a press conference in the Fulton County Government Center after a grand jury voted to indict former US President Donald Trump and 18 others on August 14, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia prosecutor who brought sweeping charges against former president Donald Trump and 18 other defendants said Monday, August 14, that she wants to hold their trial "within the next six months." Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said arrest warrants had been issued for Trump and the others charged over their efforts to overturn the 2020 election and they had until August 25 to "voluntarily surrender." (Photo by Christian MONTERROSA / AFP)
Image by Christian MONTERROSA / AFP

Sadow pressed, and things got heated, so the lawyer declared, “Except for the fact that you do, in fact, know when it started, and you don’t want to testify to that in court. That’s the best explanation.” The text messages obtained by CNN showed different conversations between Merchant and the witness; some even had Bradley trashing Wade and Willis. 

“I don’t know”

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Attorney Richard Rice wondered, “Do you tell lies about your friends about a case of national importance?” Bradley responded, “I could have had, I don’t know.” He repeated that he couldn’t recall things around two dozen times, though Bradley revealed that he had not spoken to Wade in the past two years despite being friends for a decade. 

Trump’s team wants Willis off the case 

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Trump and other co-defendants’ legal team alleged that Willis had an inappropriate relationship with a special prosecutor she hired in the case. Merchant alleged that Willis profited from the case, paying Wade over $650,000 for his work while enjoying luxurious vacations with him. 

Removing Willis could destroy the case 


Removing Willis would result in finding another prosecutor in a case against Trump and 14 others. It would cause a delay in the pending Georgia trial, or the chosen prosecutor could choose to drop the case. The decision will be made in the upcoming weeks. 

The allegations were started by a co-defendant 

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Michael Roman, a Republican political operative and co-defendant in the Fulton County case, was the first to point out that the alleged relationship represents a conflict of interest. Four co-defendants joined Roman. The lawyers for Roman and co-defendants have to prove that Willis, indeed, benefited from her relationship with the prosecutor. 

Additionally, the defense is working on the timeline 

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Willis and Wade testified that they started their relationship in 2022, after Wade was hired, and ended it in the summer of 2023. However, Willis’ former friend Robin Yeartie testified that the relationship began in 2019. 

Georgia Governor is “confident” in Judge’s decision 

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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp told NewsNation, “I’m very confident Judge McAfee will make a good decision, and then we can go from there.” However, he also pointed out that the case “has gotten even more political now because of her actions and those of Mr. Wade and others.” 

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