Lauren Boebert’s Son Gets Arrested Just Hours After She Called the “Biden Crime Family” the Most Corrupt Ever

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert speaks at CPAC on March 4th, 2023. (Photo by Zach D Roberts/NurPhoto) (Photo by Zach D Roberts / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP)

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) found herself in an awkward spot on Tuesday. 

A Staggering Blow to the Boebert 

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Just after she took to X (formerly Twitter) to flaunt her MAGA credentials by slamming the “Biden Crime Family” as “the most corrupt political family in American history,” her son, Tyler Jay Boebert, was arrested facing a whopping 22 charges. 

Another Boebert in Court

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These charges included four felony counts of having ID documents unlawfully, one felony count of plotting a felony, along with 15 misdemeanors and minor infractions.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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In the wake of her husband Jayson Boebert’s January arrest for his role in an altercation at a Colorado restaurant, facing charges of third-degree criminal trespass, obstruction, and disorderly conduct, Rep. Lauren Boebert found herself addressing another family matter. 

Unwavering Support for Son


Without mentioning the timing of her critique against the “Biden Crime Family,” Boebert expressed her unconditional love and concern for her son Tyler in a statement to HuffPost.

Heartfelt Message

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“I love my son Tyler, who has been through some very difficult, public challenges for a young man and the subject of attention that he didn’t ask for,” Boebert expressed. “It breaks my heart to see my child struggling and, in this situation, especially when he has been provided multiple opportunities to get his life on track.” 

Unconditional Love

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Continuing with her heartfelt message, she affirmed, “I will never give up on him and I will continue to be there for him. As an adult and father, Tyler will take responsibility for his actions and should be held accountable for poor decisions just like any other citizen.”

Tyler’s Custody and Charges

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The 18-year-old son of Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Tyler Jay Boebert, was taken into custody on Tuesday, linked to recent incidents of vehicle break-ins and theft in Rifle, Colorado, according to local police. 

Police Investigation Continues

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Rifle police have shared details on Facebook, emphasizing the investigation is still active and withholding further information for now. They reminded the public that all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

No Release for Boebert’s Son

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The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office records show Tyler Boebert remains in jail without a set bond or release date as of Wednesday morning.

Facing Adversity

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The recent arrest of Tyler Jay Boebert adds another layer to the series of challenges faced by Rep. Lauren Boebert, stemming from her troubled relationship with her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, over the past year. 

Divorce and More

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After filing for divorce and securing a temporary restraining order against Jayson—citing threats and unauthorized home entry—Lauren Boebert’s personal turmoil has been in the spotlight. 

Disputes and Accusations

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Jayson Boebert countered by claiming his home entry was an attempt to tidy up for an upcoming family visit, accusing Lauren Boebert of leveraging the restraining order to facilitate her switch to a more favorable congressional district.

A Fresh Start

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This move to a solidly Republican district in December was partly justified by Lauren Boebert as a need for a “fresh start” after a tumultuous year, marking a significant shift from her previous narrow electoral victory in Silt, Colorado, to a new beginning in Windsor.

Theater Incident

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Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert found herself in hot water and the center of public scrutiny after being kicked out of a Colorado theater for disruptive behavior during a “Beetlejuice” musical performance.

Caught on Camera

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Initially, Boebert’s campaign refuted claims that she had been vaping at the venue, but the emergence of surveillance footage showing her doing just that led to a public apology from the congresswoman.

Boebert’s Apology

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Boebert apologized, stating that despite her intentions not to cause any harm, her actions did indeed disrupt the event. This incident, highlighted by complaints of vaping, singing, and phone usage, showcases a moment of regret from the congresswoman amidst her often controversial public persona.

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