Running of the bulls

Never Lose Money In The Stock Market

As a small investor with less than a couple of million dollars in the market, you should not be losing money. There’s no reason for people to lose money yet time and time again, I see exactly that. Investors have every tool to make good investment decisions, but they still buy a stock when it’s…

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get out of debt

Get Out of Debt Basics

Every day, people look for options for how to get out of debt. I started this get out of debt series with my personal story a few weeks ago, and today we will discuss options anyone can do when looking to get out of debt. It isn’t complicated, but they will definitely help you get…

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money anxiety

How to Avoid Money Anxiety

Money anxiety is something that can affect anyone and can show itself in many different forms. The stresses of budgeting, debt, paying for a child’s post secondary or reaching financial goals can all cause money anxiety. How to Avoid Money Anxiety: Address the Stress The first step to decreasing or avoiding your money anxiety is…

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positive emotions of money

The Positive Emotions of Money

I find, especially in the personal finance niche, to be surrounded by negative connotations about money. I know I’m bad for usually focusing on monetary negatives. When you’re as in debt as I am, it’s hard to see the calm while your within the storm so-to-speak. The world is full of stories about people who…

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financial mistake

Living a Debt Free Retirement

In a perfect world, we enter our years of retirement debt free and ready to enjoy all the fruits of our many years of hard labour. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. According to a study collected by Statistics Canada, one in three retirees have debt. Though this was a  Canadian study, it is probably safe to…

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debt consolidation

Debt Consolidation: Ripoff or Real?

Debt consolidation is topic I know a lot about. My husband and I are currently enrolled in a debt management program, just one of many debt consolidation options. When we first started seeking out different options our emotions ranged from being overwhelmed, angry and finally, relieved. If you don’t do your homework on different debt…

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