Fall Update. September 2021


fall brings changing weather and a list of projects

September is already half over, and with it some fall projects, some financial new, and a few career prospects. Here is an update of what’s going on with my finances as fall approaches.

Fall Projects

Fall always brings a list of projects. I’ve been busy getting ready for winter by servicing the coal stove. The one blower went out, but I was able to repair it myself saving $350 in the process. I’m also getting ready to close the pool, put away the lawn furniture, and do some tree pruning around the property. I would also like to seal my driveway this fall and fix the trim work on my garage.


The markets have been pulling back slightly, but my portfolio is still doing well for the year. I’ve recently made a few changes to some of my allocations after talking with my advisor, but otherwise I am holding the course. I’m also continuing to build cash reserves.

We’re going to be closing on an investment property this week, so that is some exciting news. This will be our first venture into real estate, so I’m sure some mistakes will be made, and there will be a lot to learn. However, I’m confident that the property will cash flow.

Career News

I haven’t been looking for a new job, but I had a headhunter call me the other day. He apparently found me on LinkedIn and wants to talk to me about an opportunity. We are scheduled to talk later this week, so I’ll post an update if anything transpires.


This fall has been a busy time for me. There are lots of projects to do, we’re closing on an investment property, and I could possibly be making a career change. How is your fall shaping up? Comment below. Until next time.

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