Making the Cabin Rent Ready

rent ready

The closing on our investment property is nearing, and with it a lot of planning and preparation to get the place rent ready. Our intention is to use the property as a short-term vacation rental, so it must be fully furnished and be stocked with household items such as dishes, plates, and cookware. We’ve been hard at work gathering everything and storing it in my garage. Here is an overview of what we have so far.


We are doing well in the furniture department. There is already a sectional couch and a few tables in the property that the former owner will be leaving, so the living room is basically taken care of.

So far, we have gotten two end tables, a coffee table, a chest of drawers, a bunk bed set, a full mattress and box spring, and a dining set. All these items are used and came from private parties selling them. We found most of the on Facebook Marketplace. I’m in the process of restoring the tables. I’ve sanded them and stained them. A coat of poly will finish them off.

I was surprised to see some of the quality items that people are selling for cheap prices. Common mass-produced furniture definitely doesn’t hold its value. If you need to furnish a house on a budget, then used is the way to go. Everything in the above list was only a few hundred dollars. Those pieces would have been in the thousands if they were new.

Household Goods

We are in a lucky spot where we have a friend who is moving. He happens to be getting rid of a bunch of things. Things like kitchenware, cookware, small appliances, and some furniture. Most of it we are going to get for free, so it’s a perfect win.

Beyond that, there are some old dish sets and small appliances in the basement that we can use at the cabin. We should only have to buy minimal things as far as household goods are concerned.

Other Things

There is some work to do on the property. So far, I know that a small deck needs to be constructed at the front entrance, some new lighting needs installed in a few of the rooms, and the backyard needs some landscaping. I won’t have a concrete idea of exactly what needs done until after we close, and I can get into the place.

Wrapping up

Closing is coming fast, and we are working to get the place rent ready. We’ve already gathered most of the furniture that we will need, and household items will be coming soon. After closing I will be able to determine how much work needs to go into the property. If all goes well, it will be ready accept guests in the next few months.

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