27 Things MAGA Supporters Permanently Ruined for Others

Supporters watch as US President Donald Trump speaks during a during a rally at Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on October 31, 2020. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

The question differs from how the MAGA movement affected the US and the world. Instead, this was posted with the intent to focus on what MAGA ruined for individuals, and some answers are genuinely heartbreaking.


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One person on Reddit wrote how MAGA ruined their empathy. They said, “I don’t care about their point of view. I don’t care to see it in another light. I don’t care about finding common ground. The only reason I can bring myself to care about some natural disaster in a red state anymore is to remind myself that X amount of people didn’t vote for the fascists and children shouldn’t be punished for their parent’s stupidity.”

The American flag

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Several social media users pointed out that MAGA ruined the flag’s meaning. A Reddit poster shared, “I can’t see someone flying in public without thinking it’s a brain-dead MAGA.”


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Some people complained they are afraid to date or get married because they do not want “to live the next 50-ish years of my life married to some weirdo.”

Florida and Texas

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Others pointed out how they were disappointed in several states, specifically Florida and Texas. One person wrote about Florida, “One of my family’s favorite vacation spots now totally ruined and not sure we’ll ever go back.”

Free time

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This was an interesting take as a person, who did not care much about politics, but things changed, as they wrote, “I’m so much busier than I was before, and I have a lot more enemies in my town.”

Trust in white people

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A white person shared, “So many other white people see me and are now comfortable saying the most heinous, racist sh.t after knowing me for ten seconds.”

The name Brandon

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You most likely know that the code for insulting President Biden involves the name Brandon. As one person half-joked, the moment Brandon went viral, “a million Brandons cried out in terror, and then suddenly changed their names.”


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In a forthcoming post, one person shared, “I thought we were making progress; we had elected a person of color and to two terms. But then the empire struck back hard. The Republicans’ hero made them unashamed of their hate, he brought all the cockroaches out of the woodwork.”


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Someone expressed how the “MAGA thing just made me look at people differently, more cynically.” They added that they are “skeptical of people” and often see them as selfish or evil.

Conspiracy theories

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Many claimed that MAGA ruined conspiracy theories since they were “fun rabbit holes.” Now, “morons on the Internet hot convinced there were lizard democrats eating babies in the basement that doesn’t actually exist.”


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Numerous Reddit posters also feel the shame of being American. Someone said they are “deeply ashamed of my country and my countrymen.”

Red hats

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Thousands agreed that though they loved their red hats, now they “look like white hoods.” Another person wrote, “Obviously, way worse has come from MAGA – but you shoulda seen me in that hat.”


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It is not that people have high expectations in the first place, but lowering the bar made people fearful for the future. Someone shared, “No way a George Santos or MTG exists in public office if Trump didn’t pave their way. It’ll get worse.”


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From ruined relationships with parents and cousins to friendships, the MAGA Republicans shattered what was once highly important. But, there is an upside, “I didn’t realize how many people out there were complete idiots. Had to knock a few people off the Xmas list.”

Republicans in general

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Multiple commentators “lost any respect for anyone who calls themself a Republican.” The same person said, “There’s a part of me that’s kind of sorry about it, and I second guess myself.” However, “these same people will spout some racist or stupid nonsense that puts me right back in that mindset again.”


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People, especially women and nonstraight individuals, feel attacked. “It was also another reminder that the following has gained enough traction to be dangerous,” shared a Reddit user.

The US Supreme Court

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Alongside choice, there was The US Supreme Court, one of the biggest disappointments for non-MAGA followers. The highlighted comment received over two thousand upvotes and needs no further explanation.

Other people

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Someone simply wrote that they didn’t realize that “30% of the US was completely bats#it insane.”

Sense of peace

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“Even things that aren’t remotely political are somehow turned political,” someone wrote. This is how many relationships were ruined due to many MAGA followers turning conversations into “political theater.”


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There are several people whose religious views were tested by the MAGA movement. One person simply shared they “completely left the faith.”

Faith in humanity

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A self-described person of color knew the US was flawed. However, “I never realized how many proud racist, sexiest, Xenophobic, misogynists were walking around.”


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Jokingly (or not), a person shared how MAGA “kinda gives cults a bad name.”


Jacob Chansley
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In explanation, a person said, “I’ve never seen so many ARs decked out in MAGA garbage, punisher skulls, and spartan helmets.”

Social media

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As a Reddit poster wrote, “They are botting live chats to spew the most insane s.it.”

The looks

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Someone chimed in, “Me being able to be a bigger, bald white guy who drives a truck without being associated with a..holes.”


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This is a particular category. This person had a good relationship with their in-laws, but they “became absolute nut jobs post-45!” The previously normal older Conservatives turned into “MAGA Q zombies.”

Normal boring politics

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People reminisced about “boring, everyday politics.” Someone said that when Biden came to the office, “there was that fresh relief that the guy in the White House was just *boring*.”

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