25 Popular Things Women Wear That Men Despise

Trends come and go, yet the battle between things women like to wear but men hate is forever. From your favorite accessories right down to the choices of footwear, here is a list of fashion items men wish women stopped wearing.


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Many men hate the massively popular accessory revived by Blair Waldorf over a decade ago. Guys cannot see the appeal. In fact, they believe it to be women living some fantasy from their times as toddlers.


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Men do not understand trendy high-waisted jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, etc. Men hate them because they are not feminine enough, nor do they fit most body types. For guys, it is all about looking feminine and mature.


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Chic, retro, and easy to mix and match, clogs even made their way to Haute Couture runways. Loved by many women but hated by men, clogs make guys think of hospitals, and they will not feel anything but dread.


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Men do not notice natural makeup, such as concealer, mascara, blush, or bronzer. But they do not like cakey foundations, bright lipsticks, or glittery eyeshadows.


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Too much perfume is a turnoff and can give people migraines or even allergic reactions. Many women get so used to their perfumes they do not even notice how potent they can be. The general rule is to spray it only onto your pulse points.


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From satin bags with fringes to leather jackets, these bohemian pieces are considered cult classics. Men do not care for them, and some say they hate them, though no one knows why.


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These summer staples are also called “tents” because they hide every curve, so there is nothing to tickle the imagination.


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The catchy, Instagram-worthy outfits with clashing prints are among the most hated things women wear. Mixing animal print with florals or tartan print speaks to people in fashion, but an ordinary guy finds it bizarre.


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Most guys know very little about accessories, especially jewelry. They do know what they don’t like, which is hearing the sounds of your bangles clashing—or looking at the woman of their dreams while struggling to keep her tassel earrings away from her perfect locks. 


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Women wear peplum tops and dresses to accentuate their curves. However, men see them as maternity clothes and do not really care about the peplum on your waist.


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Women wear these boots because they are cozy. But among all the items, men secretly hate, Ugg and Moon boots are on top of the list. They are bulky, not feminine, and even a bit childish, according to most guys.


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Women are obsessed with unnaturally thick brows, but guys tend to believe that women who wear them are fake and insecure. It is not like women’s job is to please men, but regarding brows, even some ladies argue guys are not wrong.


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Men do not understand bags but are willing to accept middle-sized ones. However, if a woman carries an XXL bag, men might stare, but only because they want to know what is inside it.


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Women tend to think flower crowns are romantic. But, if you ask guys, they want you to return them to the 60s and never bring them out again.


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The infamous Gucci loafers with fur went viral a few seasons ago, and ever since, similar styles have been spotted in high-street stores. Though comfortable, these shoes brought polarizing opinions among women as well, so it is not just men who hate them.


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Women like them for numerous reasons, including thinking they appear cute. But men hate when seeing leg warmers as they do no favor to the women’s legs, and women wearing them appear as immature.


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Men see wedges as unattractive, and some even go as far as hating them as much as Ugg bots. Guys prefer stilettos, but they need to understand that wedges and platforms are more comfortable and less likely to cause ankle injuries.


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According to guys, neon clothes are reserved for 80s aerobic tapes and 90s raves. Men hate this trend because it is too flashy, making women look like “giant highlighters.”


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These tiny bags are big enough to hold your keys. They appear childish, even foolish if you ask most guys, and women wearing them are fashion victims, nothing less or more.


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Dungarees, overalls, jumpsuits, and rompers provide a quick fix for a woman’s outfit dilemmas. Most men hate these, with some saying the overalls are for construction workers or kids.


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Women think they look mysterious, but only a handful of ladies look good in oversized sunglasses. Men prefer classic aviator or cay eye styles since they are chic and show more of the face.


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Men only know if a woman has extensions once they start creating a mess, falling out, or getting stuck. If this happens, it is unlikely there will be more dates. 


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Men love long eyelashes but hate these new lengths as much as they dislike acrylic nails. If it is visibly fake, they will consider it trashy and flashy, never classy.


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While animal print is supposed to be seductive, men believe it looks cheap in most cases. Though they do not mind animal print in moderation, cows, zebras, and giraffes are hard for guys to handle. 


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The first issue with a tuxedo suit is that most men prefer women in dresses and skirts. The second is that the masculine cut does little to a woman’s figure.

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