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Personal Financial Update, AUG 2019

I’m going to give a brief overview of my personal financial situation and go over a few main points of focus. I’ll be posting regular updates on my progress. Wealth Building I’ve been saving and investing for years. Currently, I’m putting around $1,000 a month into various funds and cash accounts. This is spread across […]

How to Increase Your Income to Pay for a New Car

You might have your eye on a better model of car and would like the chance to see how it feels to get behind the wheel of a car that has all the looks and accessories that come with a newer version but it’s the small matter of not having enough money to pay for […]

Overcoming the Hold Money Has on Your Life

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, yet daily people stress and struggle to obtain it. Yes, having money is necessary to buy things you need and want, but life isn’t to be defined by how much money you have or the possessions you own. All too often, people are so focused on paying […]

How To Set The Right Pricing When Selling Your Home And Attract Right Buyers

Marketing and selling homes could be easy. But the buyer’s utmost consideration is setting the selling price. It is essential that you give the right price when selling your home. Indeed, you don’t want to overprice the house because it will lose its appeal and freshness after its first two weeks of promotion. Pricing has […]

Should You Tap Into Your Home’s Equity

If you own your home, then you may have equity in the property. If you do, then should you tap this locked up equity and use it? There is no black and white answer. Some uses of your home’s equity are foolish while others can help you build wealth. I’m going to look into a […]