Trump’s Attorney Accidentally Says on Live TV That He May Be Guilty of Insurrection

Trump’s attorney came under fire and was dubbed an ‘idiot’ for dropping hints on live TV that Trump might have committed the crime of insurrection against the U.S, leaving  others expressing concerns and a prevailing sentiment that “Trump has lost.”

Trump in Trouble?

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While advocating for Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility, his attorney Christina Bobb seemed to accidentally say something that her boss, Donald Trump, might find upsetting.

On-Air Slip

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On the extreme right-wing network Real America’s Voice, Christina Bobb, a former Trump administration official and anchor for the far-right One America News Network, hinted that  Trump should be allowed to run in the 2024 Republican primaries even if he faced charges of inciting an insurrection.

Let Nation Decide

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Bobb said on air: “The president is elected by the entire nation and it should be the entire nation who determines who they want for president, whether they are guilty of insurrection or not,” 

Social Media Frenzy

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The lawyer’s potential admission about her boss possibly being guilty of insurrection has quickly ignited discussions across social media platforms, prominently on X (formerly Twitter.) 

Commentator and writer Keith Olbermann jumped into the conversation with a top comment, saying, “Little from them surprises me any more. This even semi-admission of guilt… surprises me.” 

“This idiot lawyer…”

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Another user on X expressed a lack of surprise about the slip, stating, “This idiot lawyer, admitting trump did commit the crime of Insurrection against the U.S., should surprise the f–k out of me, but it doesn’t. Unless he hires people, who haven’t just graduated 1st grade law, he’s well & truly f–ked. And I for one am ecstatic.” 

“Trump has lost”

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Many interpreted Bobb’s slip as a clear indication that Trump’s hopes of a White House comeback are fading, believing that Americans had already made up their minds. One user captured the sentiment, saying, “The nation decided. Trump lost. It’s almost as if Christina Bobb admits Trump’s guilt.”

Ballot Woes

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Bobb’s on-air slip follows the disqualification of Trump from the Colorado and Maine Republican primary ballots due to a violation of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, often referred to as the insurrection clause. 

Clear Federal Office Ban

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This clause clearly specifies that anyone who has engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or provided aid to its enemies, cannot hold any federal civilian or military office.

Trump Makes History

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The insurrection clause, included in the 14th Amendment when it was ratified, was crafted with the specific aim of preventing former members of the Confederacy from holding federal office following the Civil War. 

Notable the 2024 campaign of Trump goes down in history as the first time this clause is used for a presidential candidate.

Legal Battle Ahead

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Now, Trump’s SCOTUS destiny is set to revolve around the Anderson v. Griswold case, which led to his disqualification from the Colorado ballot. Simultaneously, Trump’s legal team wasted no time in appealing Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ disqualification to a Maine superior court.

Constitution vs. Voter Choice

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Bobb contends that voters should have the final say in determining the fate of a political candidate and their potential future leadership. Yet, the Constitution’s provisions regarding the eligibility of presidential candidates are unambiguous and should leave no room for uncertainty.

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