DeSantis Faces Supporter’s Tough Questions on Trump Critique

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was confronted by a supporter on Wednesday, demanding an explanation for not aggressively pursuing former President Donald Trump.

Go Directly After Trump

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During a town hall event in Waukee, Iowa, Christopher Garcia asked DeSantis why he hadn’t “gone directly” after the former president.

Desantis Too Leninet on Trump

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“You’re going pretty soft on him,” Garcia stated, reflecting his view that a more direct approach was necessary.

DeSantis’s Response

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In response, DeSantis argued that he has consistently highlighted the differences between himself and Trump throughout his campaign. 

Trump’s Actions Contributed to His Defeat

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The exchange grew more intense when Garcia suggested that Trump’s own actions during his presidency contributed to his defeat. 

If Trump Kept His Mouth Shut, He Would Have Won

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Garcia noted, “If Trump had kept his mouth shut for the four years that he was president, he would have won in a landslide. Is that true?”

“His own Worst Enemy”

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DeSantis acknowledged this point, agreeing that Trump has been “his own worst enemy.”

Supporter Dissatisfied with Response

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Garcia, however, expressed dissatisfaction with DeSantis’ response and criticized his campaign strategy, stating, ‘I’m disappointed that he doesn’t have a good campaign.”

Comparing DeSantis, Haley and Trump

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He added, “He’s dropping in the polls by Nikki Haley. And he’s twice a candidate that she is, you know, he’s proven. He showed himself what he can do in Florida. So why is he letting Trump go the way he is? I wouldn’t do it.”

Effectiveness of DeSantis Strategy

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Following the heated dialogue, DeSantis was asked about the effectiveness of his strategy and his need for a clearer distinction from Trump. 

Need for a Direct Debate to trade Visions

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The Florida governor emphasized the need for a direct debate with Trump to “trade visions for the country.”

DeSantis Emphasizes Delivery on Promises

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He said, “There are clear contrasts, and I think the biggest contrast is, simply, I deliver. I promise and then I deliver. That’s what we’ve done. Anything I’m saying, I’m going to have a plan to get done.”

Trump’s Absence from Republican Primary Debates

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Donald Trump, the current front-runner in the Republican presidential nomination race with a substantial lead over his rival candidates, has avoided all Republican primary debates.

52% of Republicans Favor Trump

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According to a December Pew Research Poll, 52% of Republican voters have named Trump as their first choice for the nomination, followed by DeSantis with 14%, Haley with 11%, Vivek Ramaswamy with 3%, and Chris Christie with 1% of support.

Increasing Rivalry

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Recently, DeSantis has intensified his remarks about Trump, suggesting that Trump’s presence might motivate Democratic voters in the upcoming 2024 election.

DeSantis’ Critique of Trump’s Leadership

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In October, DeSantis blamed the former president for his loss in the 2020 election. He argued that Trump lacked the necessary vigor to lead the nation again.

People Voted Against Trump

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The governor stated that people were “voting against Trump,” contradicting Trump’s false assertion that the 2020 election was stolen.

“Stop Being a Keyboard Warrior”

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In an early December interview with Fox News, DeSantis challenged Trump to a one-on-one debate, saying, “Stop being a keyboard warrior and let’s step up and debate one-on-one. He’s had a lot to say about me over the last year. Say it to my face. I’m game.”

DeSantis’ Campaign Challenges

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Despite DeSantis’ high-profile entrance into the presidential race, his campaign has struggled to gain substantial support.

DeSantis Lag in Iowa Polls

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DeSantis has extensively campaigned in Iowa, visited all 99 counties in preparation for the upcoming Iowa caucuses set to commence on January 15, and having secured the endorsement of the state’s governor, he trails Trump by 30 points in the polls, as reported by 538.

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