Three Financial Benefits of Being a Minimalist

minimalist home decor

I recently wrote about the many ways I have forayed into the world of minimalism. While I’m not where I want to be, I get closer and closer every year. This especially helped as each of my five children slowly leave the nest and take their stuff. (I wanted to say clutter, but every individual views their belongings differently, especially my foster kiddos. This is important to recognize.)

In this multi-year journey to becoming more of a minimalist, I have found a number of financial benefits to living this way. Here are my top three.

More Forethought in My Purchases

I have found I tend to pause and analyze my purchases now.

  • Will this purchase serve me for a long time or is this a one-time need? If it’s the latter, what alternatives do I have? Could I borrow it? Substitute something I already have to fill the need?
  • Am I purchasing this because it’s a true need or is this an emotional response to something else going on in my life?
  • Can this replace something I already have? An upgrade?

minimalist home decor

What is the Investment Over Time

Some things we purchase require care and maintenance.

  • Is this something that I want to take care of down the road? Invest the time and money to maintain? This was the deciding factor for me in deciding not to purchase lawn care equipment. It might save me some money, but the time investment and frustration with the maintenance were just not worth it for me.
  • Does the time I will have to dedicate to maintaining this item make it worth the cost in both time and money? And will having this item at my home help me save money elsewhere? I chose to purchase a hot tub for my home. And it has made a significant difference in my mindset about travel. What used to be the “luxury” item I hoped for at a hotel stay is now something I enjoy regularly at home. So, I spend less on travel and enjoy my home life that much more.

Less Stuff = More Joy

If you are like me and have moved a lot, you know the cost of all the stuff. Every box requires more storage, more power to move, and frankly more mind clutter. By de-cluttering and cutting back on your physical possessions, it opens up your resources to other priorities.

  • Less stuff means less to clean which gives you more time for work or better yet, fun!
  • Prioritizing your belongings and keeping only those with significant value (both sentimental and monetary value) means those things you surround yourself with are meaningful and contribute to a healthy mental life.

I love looking around my home and loving everything I see. It all serves me whether as a tool for life or a memory spark of good times and happy occasions. Over the years, I have learned to be quick to rid myself of items that do not serve a purpose or don’t incite a powerful and happy thought. Slowly becoming a minimalist has truly been life-changing for me in so many ways.

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