The Only Two Finance Books You Need Right Now to Be On Your Way To Financial Freedom

From spending wisely to saving smartly, navigating the world of finance means you have to make decisions regarding your money. Every day, you spend money, interact with money, and often, wonder if you’re going to have enough. Fortunately, there are books that are designed to help you create a strong financial future, particularly if you’re a parent or millennial. Keep reading to learn about two of these books, as you’ll need to read them at least once in your life.

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties by Beth Kobliner

If you read this book, you won’t have to worry about whether you’re new at changing your spending habits or it’s something you’ve done in the past. Beth Kobliner goes into explicit detail regarding the habits that everyday spenders have to stick with when they’re a millennial in the modern age. Considering the topic, the book will make you think of the challenges associated with saving money when you’re not making much, so long as you get through the end and read everything Kobliner has to say.

This book will surely start your year off to a great start or keep you from making the same bad financial choices that have haunted you for years. The problem with spending as an adult when you’re in your twenties often comes down to navigating the stress and obstacles that come from being a millennial. So, if you’re an adult and you’re struggling to get ahold of your finances, buying this book is a good decision you can make.

Debt-free degree: The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Kid Through College Without Student Loans by Anthony O’Neal

Many students may never imagine a world in which they can go to college, get an education, and get a degree without student loans. But in this book, readers, especially parents, are launched on a journey where they learn to help their kids get good with money. Good enough, that is, that they don’t need to rely on student loans to fund their education. Typically, you’d think of student loan debt management as a problem that never goes away. But after reading O’Neal’s bestselling book, you’ll likely be motivated and encouraged to take the steps necessary to get your child through college without loans.

Coming into this book, you’ll want to be open-minded about the many ways you can send your kid to school without borrowing. But more importantly, you’ll need to learn about the kind of financial obstacles they’ll face in the future. Going forward, students can make their academic lives easier by finding other ways to fund their studies. This book is sure to answer plenty of your questions surrounding the future of education. So long as you read with care, you’ll walk away from this book feeling inspired to help your kids succeed.

Any finance expert, including Harvey Bell of Morgan Stanley, would know the importance of establishing healthy reading habits. There are plenty of finance books worth reading, but these two stand out in particular. Read these books now that you’re starting the new year and be prepared to take control of your future. Now is the time to get clear about the financial goals you want to accomplish in life. That way, you can have the freedom and flexibility you need to live comfortably for years.

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