Texas Residents Oppose “Traitor” Trump’s Border Visit, “Not a Rebel But a Threat”

Former President Donald Trump is set to visit the Texas border town of Eagle Pass, but many residents are not thrilled. Some even called him a “traitor” and suggested his visit was a “brazen attempt to distract attention from his upcoming criminal and civil trials.” 

Biden and Trump visiting border on the same day

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created on November 4, 2020 shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gestures after speaking during election night at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, and US President Donald Trump speaks during election night in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, early on November 4, 2020. President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are battling it out for the White House, with polls closed across the United States Tuesday -- and a long night of waiting for results in key battlegrounds on the cards. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS and MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

President Joe Biden and former president Trump will visit the Texas border on February 29. Trump is expected to speak at the Eagle Pass, while Biden will visit Brownsville and meet with Border Patrol agents and officials. 

Some residents are not happy 

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In a Facebook post, the Eagle Pass Border Coalition said that Trump “has nothing to offer Eagle Pass, and Eagle Pass has nothing to gain from it.” The message continued, “Not welcome here, and you know it. Not a leader but a loser. Not a president, but a contender. Not a rebel but a threat. Not a friend but an enemy. Not a patriot but a traitor.”

“We deserve better”

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The post pointed out, “Eagle Pass deserves better. Maverick County deserves better. Texas deserves better. America deserves better. We deserve better.” The residents and some officials branded Trump’s visit as “a brazen attempt to distract attention from his upcoming criminal and civil trials,” Newsweek reported. 

Abbott was also called out 


Texas Governor Greg Abbott was also blasted after reportedly staying “for less than an hour” and flying via helicopter after a brief speech. The group wondered if Trump would repeat Abbott’s actions, asking, “Will you take time to visit our missions and talk to our church leaders? Will you show any respect or interest for the rich history and culture of Eagle Pass, a city that prides itself on its diversity and harmony?”

More questions for Trump 

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The questions continued, “Will you recognize the challenges and opportunities facing our border community, such as trade, security, environment, and immigration? Or will he just throw out his usual lies, insults, and conspiracy theories, fanning the flames of hate and division?”

“Political theater”

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The same group also blasted Abbott in a February 7 post, claiming that the Governor turned Eagle Pass into a “military-style staging ground…as a backdrop for political theater.” Since the Governor endorsed Trump as the Republican nominee in the 2024 election, it is unsurprising that residents have many questions and animosity. 

The Trump campaign slammed Biden’s visit

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Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said that Biden had three years, adding, “Now Biden’s handlers are sending him there on the same day as President Trump’s publicly reported trip, not because they actually want to solve the problem, but because they know Biden is losing terribly.” In Biden’s defense, it was a pre-planned trip. 

Biden is reportedly considering new executive action

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Due to the inability to pass legislation via the House, the Biden administration is rethinking new executive action on the border. Still, there is no official confirmation. 

Calling out House GOP 

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White House spokesperson Angelo Fernández Hernández said, in part, “No executive action, no matter how aggressive, can deliver the significant policy reforms and additional resources Congress can provide and that Republicans rejected. We continue to call on Speaker Johnson and House Republicans to pass the bipartisan deal to secure the border.”

The bipartisan deal was made

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However, the bill was dead on arrival, and many believe that Trump influenced most Republicans. He commented on Truth Social, “This Bill is a great gift to the Democrats and a Death Wish for The Republican Party.” Speaker Johnson wrote on X, “This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created.” 

GOP Senator had questions 

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An Oklahoma senator, James Lankford, spent months working on the bipartisan deal. He said on Fox, “The key aspect of this again is are we as Republicans going to have press conferences and complain the border is bad and then intentionally leave it open?”

The border is one of the hottest issues 

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The Republican-controlled House of Representatives impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on February 13 over his handling of the border crisis. Trump made immigration a centerpiece in his bid for re-election. He went as far as saying that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country.”


People demand solutions 

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Monmouth University polling found that 53 percent of Americans “favor” the wall championed by Trump. During Trump’s presidency, the number of supporters was 42 percent. Surprisingly, the polling found that 62 percent think illegal migrants “take jobs Americans don’t want” compared to 28 percent who think they “take jobs away from American citizens.”

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