Summer is Starting to Wind Down

summer is winding down
summer is winding down
summer may be ending, but I am still focused on my finances

Summer is starting to wind down, and fall is approaching. As has been the case for some time now, my finances are in good shape. Debt is in the form of a mortgage only, and my investments are holding up well. Here is a quick update.


I paid off all my non mortgage debt about two years ago, and I never looked back. I go back and forth on paying off the mortgage early. The math says not to, but it would be a good feeling to be 100% debt free. Either way, my debt is more than manageable.


My portfolio has been holding its own despite all the volitivity in the markets. I have been steadily and continually investing and plan to keep doing so.

I’ve been saving a lot of cash recently and have recently shifted some of it to my brokerage account. I do feel that my emergency fund if fully funded. Now I am saving for some upcoming projects and to further pad my cash savings.  The money going to my brokerage account is to keep in case an opportunity in the market should arise.

Real Estate

Our rental cottage continues to perform exceptionally well. We are over $12,000 in bookings for the year so far, and there are still a few months remaining in the season.

There are some longer-term plans to do some upgrades to the property including a new roof and new HVAC.


Summer is starting to wind down. My finances are strong as fall approaches. Debt is minimal, investments are strong, and our real estate is performing better than expected. Until next time.

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