Pros and Cons of Hiring a Tax Professional

Tax season is stressful.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have done your taxes, laws change.

Sure there may be a big payday coming your way. However, the fact that you could end up owing money is scary.

The suspense of doing your taxes is a great stressor no matter how many years you have done it.

It’s time to assess whether it is logical to do your taxes yourself or to call in the expert with the calculator.

I like to keep all my receipts in a big shoe box for tax day.

Truth is I could take all those receipts in a shoe box I have collected and get to work at the kitchen table.

With a calculator in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, I could probably figure it all out.

I could save myself a lot of money by doing it myself and perhaps find more ways to get money back.

However, what may have counted as a deductible last year is not this year and vice versa.

Very quickly that glass of wine can become a bottle.

I don’t find it fun trying to make sense of it all and I am sure they don’t either.

Best part though, is they are trained professionals and know just what to look for.

They can tell me exactly what I can and can not count.

When it comes to hiring someone though, you really have to look at whether or not it is financially beneficial.

If they can help you save an extra $150 and do all the paperwork for you, that’s great. However if their fee and filing costs comes out to $250, is it your best bet?

Can you get yourself the most money or can they?

If you don’t have much as far as deductibles go, they may not be of much help. They may get you the same result as you would by using a free service.

It is nice though when you may not know whether your gas is deductible or not?

They can help make sense of what meals or work expenses should be covered and reimbursed to you.

Many times you could miss out on a whole bunch of goodies you never would have thought of.

For them, the years of experience makes it easy to find those little nuggets of gold.

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How much of that do you owe? Can you write that off in some way?

Think about all of your business expenses. Is your wifes new cocktail dress a business write off? Did you buy some new tools for work?

Did you win a lawsuit and wondering if it is taxable or not?

All of these things are where a tax professional comes in handy. They are well aware of all the laws, the proper filing procedures, and proper methods of getting you that extra spending money.