Precious Metals For Your Investment Portfolio


Precious metals are rare and non-reactive metals. Different factors determine the economic value of precious metals. Such factors include rarity, use in industrial processes, and use for investments.

High Demand for Precious Metals

The most highly demanded precious metals are gold, platinum, silver, and precious metals used in industrial processes. These metals may be used for different purposes like electronics and chemical applications.

Precious metals provide many advantages for a balanced investment portfolio. Not only do they hedge against inflation and currency debasement but they also provide diversity, thus reducing risks of losses during financial crashes. Investors enjoy different options when using precious metals for their investment strategy.

Precious metals offer stability even during times of economic downturn. Throughout history, households have chosen to use precious metals in their economic contingency plans. Now, thanks to the internet, more people than ever have access to a world of precious metal investment opportunities.

Types of Precious Metal

In this day and age, precious metals are used in different forms:

  • Physical bars and coins
  • Certificates for bars and coins
  • Jewellery
  • Stocks in mining companies
  • gold and metal futures

There are different subcategories of precious metals that investors must be aware of to make investment decisions. There are over 12 types of precious metals that one may take into account when making investment decisions. Gold, silver, and platinum are the precious metals which most investors give the most thought to when purchasing precious metals.

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Invest in Precious Metals With Lear Capital

Lear Capital has led the precious metals market with $3 billion in trusted transactions. It offers investors a diversified strategy. Investors benefit from a  platform with tools that are easy to use for purchase and sale of precious metals.

In owning precious metals simultaneously, one can gain exposure to the different supply and demand factors affecting the prices of each precious metal. Precious metals have unique metrics for supply and demand.

While the supply of gold and silver is diversified and global, the supply of platinum and palladium is concentrated and precarious.  Central banks around the world use gold, holding $1.3 trillion worth of the metal. Conversely, 80% of the demand for palladium stems from catalytic converters.

Silver is used simultaneously as an investment and for industrial purposes. It has better conductivity than copper. It is a hybrid metal, offering the best of both worlds in many cases.

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