Personal Update, Summer 2021


Summer is in full swing

July is here, and it’s been hot! Luckily, I was able to get my pool fixed, so we’ve been enjoying keeping cool in the water. I have a few projects going on at camp and at home, so it’s been a busy summer. Here is a quick update on what’s been going on.

Wealth Building

It’s starting to sound like a broken record, but my portfolio continues to push higher each month. I haven’t made any changes to my investing approach lately. I keep investing in the same things that I have been for years. I am also continuing to build cash for the purpose of increasing my emergency fund and saving for future projects at home and at camp.

Changes at Home

One major change at home this summer is that we’ve been looking to switch our television and internet provider. I’m thinking of going with a dish so that I can link to the account at our camp. All that I would need at camp in an extra dish and a receiver box, and we’d have TV there.

I’m still in the early phases of this, so I’m just starting to make some phone calls and do some research. I’ll keep you updated on how this turns out.

Changes at Camp

To have dish TV at camp I need a clear path for the signal. So, I’m starting to look at what trees may need trimmed. I also have to find a place to mount the dish there.

Like I said, we are in the early phases of this project, so nothing concrete just yet.

Other than that, the only major project this summer is to do some stonework along the front foundation of the building. This will finish off the exterior work and compliment the chimney that I stoned last summer.

Wrapping Up

I’ve had a busy summer, and the projects just seem to keep coming. We are planning a few fun trips though. We’re actually going kayaking this weekend, so that will be a nice break from all the work. How is your summer shaping up? Share below.

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