Personal Reflection 2, June 2020

growing wealth and paying down debt

Today is the last day of June. This personal reflection closes out the month and looks forward to July. Things have slowly been reopening, but we have a long way to go before things will be normal again. Work is busy and even benefiting from the pandemic, so I am thankful to still be employed and earning a full paycheck. Here is a look at how my finances are shaping up as we head into summer.

Wealth Building

My portfolio is down around 3% since the start of the pandemic. Not bad all things considered. There was a recent thread started about this over at Saving Advice. You can check it out here. I am continuing to hold the line on my investments. No adjustments or changes have been made, and dollar cost averaging is the norm. If you are worried about your investments just remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. A decade from now this will all be a bad memory.


Debt continues to fall as the months roll on. Here is the breakdown.

DebtLast UpdateCurrent UpdateChange
Line of Credit$1,596.82$1,546.45($50.37)
Truck Loan$14,044.58$13,667.87($376.71)
Student Loans$34,073.70$33,983.42($90.28)


$500 more in debt gone since my last personal reflection.


I recently fell into some side work doing some house cleaning. The work isn’t steady, but I am able to do a side job once every couple of weeks. It’s looking like I’ll end up making a couple hundred extra per month, so it’s been a nice income boost. As stated earlier, no change at my full-time job.

Changes for Next Period

No major changes are planned for next time. The extra money that I am earning at my new side gig will most likely go to savings. I still am trying to build up cash so I have a larger EF. Until the next personal reflection, stay safe and keep working on your saving and investing goals.

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