Personal Financial Update, February 2021

Personal Financial Update
my portfolio continues to grow over time

A personal financial update for February 2021. It’s been a while since I posted what’s going on with me, so here we go.


I’m still debt free and plan on staying that way for the rest of my life. Currently my only debt is my mortgage. I’ve been looking into doing a refinance on it. These historically low rates are making it more and more appealing. I haven’t run the numbers too in depth, but I estimate that I can knock a few years off the repayment schedule while keeping the payment about the same as it is now. Further updates to come on this subject.

Current Financial Plan

Much like my last personal financial update from December I am still working on building my emergency fund. My emergency fund is currently sitting at about 6 months’ worth of living expenses. That is up a couple months from my last update, and this is normally where I would stop. But being in the uncertain times that we are I am going to keep going until I get it up to around the 9-month mark.

Now that I have most of my debt gone, I am starting to revisit the idea of acquiring real estate. We are actually trying to set up a viewing of a property this coming weekend. The goal is to use it as a short-term rental. I will definitely be providing an update on this.

Some Personal News

The cabin project continues to roll along. The bathroom is nearly finished. I anticipated that remodel job to take me most of the remaining winter, but things came together, and I nearly have it wrapped up in just a few weeks. Next will be the utility room, then I will most likely take a break from projects on the cabin for the summer. I have some work to do around my house, so that is where the focus will be once the weather breaks.


We are still in very trying times, but I have made the most of it and have thrived in the past year. I paid off all my debt except the mortgage, my net worth is higher than ever, and our cabin is nearing completion. Until my next personal financial update, take care and stay safe.

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