Personal Financial Update, Feb 2020

February is here and so are thoughts of winter coming to an end.  Here in the Northeast we’re looking at another month and change of winter, then the weather will finally start to break.  As mentioned in my last update I’ve been making a Spring project list of work that needs done around my house.  It’s been a quiet month for me so far, but here are some updates to my current financial situation.

Wealth Building

My portfolio continues to sit at near record high levels.  I haven’t made any dramatic changes here other than bump my 401K contributions slightly.  I am mainly a buy and hold investor, so I have been holding the same positions for some time now.  No new stock purchases have been made.


Debt continues to fall as planned.  I did back off a bit this month in favor of saving cash.  I have taxes and some other expenses coming in the Spring, so I’m bolstering my cash holdings a bit in anticipation.  Here is a breakdown of my debt for early February.

Debt Last Update Current Update Change
Line of Credit $1,753.14 $1,753.14 $0.00
Truck Loan $15,513.10 $15,513.10 $0.00
Student Loans $34,656.84 $34,522.62 ($134.22)
Mortgage $183,959.91 $183,454.09 ($505.82)
Total $235,882.99 $235,242.95 ($640.04)


Down a little over $600 since January.  I could have doubled that number, but as I said earlier, I’m holding onto some cash right now for upcoming expenses.  The two debts at the top that didn’t move are a timing issue.


No new opportunities in this category.  I do know that I could secure some side work where our cabin is, as there are always people needed odd jobs completed on their camps.  But I don’t have anything solid yet.  I may put myself out there so to speak in the Spring and see if I get any bites.

Changes for Next Update

I’m going to continue to stock up on cash as Spring approaches.  Other than that, I’m staying the course with debt repayment.  I’m always searching for ways to increase income, so that will also be a priority going forward.  Until next time, keep working towards your goals.

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