VP Kamala Harris Dismisses Trump’s Claims About Biden’s Supposed Role in His 91 Felony Counts as ‘Not Factual, Period’

Vice President Kamala Harris responded to Donald Trump's allegations that President Joe Biden is behind his escalating legal troubles and accusations that Biden is meddling in the 2024 election.  A Baseless Claim? During a sit-down with CNN's Laura … [Read More...]



District Attorney Fani Willis holds a press conference in the Fulton County Government Center after a grand jury voted to indict former US President Donald Trump and 18 others on August 14, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia prosecutor who brought sweeping charges against former president Donald Trump and 18 other defendants said Monday, August 14, that she wants to hold their trial "within the next six months." Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said arrest warrants had been issued for Trump and the others charged over their efforts to overturn the 2020 election and they had until August 25 to "voluntarily surrender." (Photo by Christian MONTERROSA / AFP)

Legal Experts Predict Diminished Likelihood of Willis’ Disqualification in Trump Georgia Case

A legal expert, Anthony Michael Kreis, has observed a reduction in the probability of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis being disqualified from prosecuting former President Donald Trump's Georgia election interference case. Case Overview Fani … [Read More]

Fani Willis acknowledges a relationship with the prosecutor, Trump celebrates, “Scam is totally discredited”

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis admitted she was involved with the special prosecutor she appointed, Nathan Wade. Willis denied that it tainted the case against Trump and co-defenders, though the former president celebrated on Truth … [Read More]

Gay Democratic Leader Raises Red Flags About Voting for Haley in South Carolina

As South Carolina Democrats rally their base for President Joe Biden in the upcoming primary, they're eager to prove that Nikki Haley is not as moderate as some might think.  A Moderate or MAGA Leader? In a series of recent events, they've branded Haley … [Read More]

Economy Finally Booms Under Biden’s Administration, Revealed by Strong Economic Data

Recent economic data seems to have lifted the gloom from consumers' views of the U.S. economy, easing recession worries and potentially boosting President Joe Biden's chances for reelection.  A New Hope? Biden has found it tough to communicate the … [Read More]

Biden Accuses Grocery Stores of ‘Ripping People Off’ Amid Ongoing Inflation Blame Game

In a pointed critique during his speech at the South Carolina’s First in the Nation Dinner, President Joe Biden accused grocery stores of "ripping people off" amid the ongoing inflation issue.  Fair Pricing or Gouging? "Inflation is coming down.  It’s … [Read More]

Surgeon discusses “toxic” DEI and argues it led to “erosion” of medical care

In a column, Dr. Richard Bosshardt criticized DEI, suggesting it contributed to the decline in medical care. He also took aim at the American College of Surgeons, implying the organization prioritized discussing "White privilege" and "implicit bias" over … [Read More]