Online slot facts that will blow your mind

The story of the slots industry is a fascinating one, not least because it has only been around for slightly more than one hundred years, however is now by far the largest part of the overall gambling industry. That is pretty crazy, right? Especially when you consider the simplicity of the slots created in the early 1900s by Charles D. Fey, compared to the highly complex and exciting modern online slot games that you can play today.

The biggest change in the industry by far has been the emergence of online casino and online slots like Cops and Robbers Slot in the early 21st century, as this made slots way more accessible than they ever had been before. The modern online slot industry is simply gargantuan, with hundreds of thousands of different games being played by millions of gamblers each and every day. Read ahead for some online slot facts that will well and truly blow your mind.

Mind-bogglingly large annual revenue

Why do you think that online slot developers are so obsessed with creating new games for gamblers to play? Well, the money in the online slot industry is absolutely outrageous these days; hence why so many developers are putting an insane amount of effort into creating slot games that will look inherently exciting. The more gamblers you have playing your slots, the more money that is to be made after all.

And how much money is this? You ask. Well, analysts are confident that at least a quarter of the global population gamble online, and up to 90% of these people do so exclusively on the slots. That means global annual revenue can hit upwards of $75 billion these days, absolutely extraordinary numbers.

How quick things have grown

Okay, that annual revenue figure is pretty crazy, right? But wait until we put this into perspective, because the online slot industry’s rate of expansion might even be more crazy. For example, by the close of Q4 in 2016 the online slot industry was valued at around 40$ billion, however two years later by 2018 it had doubled to a mental 80$ billion.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the industry is being touted at being valued at almost 200$ billion, which is just mental. You know what else? Around 15% of all Internet traffic these days is as a result of gamblers spinning the reels on their favourite online slot games. It is absolutely ludicrous!

Virtual reality slots

Now, we all know how quickly the online slot industry can bring through new technology, especially when there is so much money to be earned in the process. The next big thing to come from the online slot market is going to be virtual reality slots, and if software engineers can get the science right these are going to be absolutely top notch.

Whilst there are already some virtual online casino sites that allow you to sit at a virtual slot machine and play, we anticipate a future where online slots are able to be played from the inside with VR technology.