Investing 101: Recommended Reading

I have spent my life listening to others talk about investing and the research they put into those decisions. I’ve never actually been interested in that side of money. (Yes, I know, a seriously missed opportunity!) I choose what I do with my money solely based on other people’s advice. And then suddenly, I find out I have a daughter who wants to be that person…you know, the one giving the advice. As of dinner last night, she wants to be an investment banker.

Wow! Mind blown. I guess it’s not that far fetched as she did change her major from engineering to economics in the time between getting accepted to college and beginning. Her high school economics class got her especially the section on selecting and tracking stocks.

Princess (daughter) and Hope
Princess and I a couple of weekends ago when I visited her at college

Playing Catch Up

Thankfully, I have amazing and super smart friends. I reached out and asked for a list of books that she and I could read to really get a handle on investing. And we are off…I bought each of us the first three on the list below to get started last fall. And I am praying I can reasonably keep up with her discussions. Of course, she is also studying this at school and has become a junior analyst with the student led investment group there. Proud mama!

Recommended Reading

These are listed in no particular order. But I have purchased the first three on the list to start with.

  1. Buffetology
  2. The Intelligent Investor
  3. Guide to Understanding Money and Investing
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  5. Complete Guide to Money

What books or resources would you add to this list?

Whether you are contributing to a corporate 401K, individual ROTH IRA, or even trading penny stocks, I have been advised that  learning and studying is key. And from what I have discovered, everyone has a different philosophy. I would prefer there being some hard and fast do’s and don’ts to success. But I suppose we will find our way slowly.

How have your investments been doing in these crazy times we are living in?

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