How Long Would it Take to Save $1000?

How long would it take to save $1000? If you need to raise some cash, how fast could you do it? How would you do it? Here are a few ideas.

The Strategy

The inspiration for this article came from a post on the Saving Advice Forums. You can see the original post here. The original poster used a combination of their work salary, doing paid surveys, and using cash back programs. In all, it took about six weeks to hit the $1000 dollar mark.

$1000 isn’t life changing, but this challenge is a good example of how someone with determination can save money. For instance, even someone who traditionally has trouble saving can be inspired by the creativity of this exercise, and they might be able to copy it to achieve similar results.

This challenge could help you shift your mindset from spending to saving, and it could help you kickstart your savings goals.

Personal Touches

If I were to do this same exercise I may start by buying and reselling items online, or I might consider selling some unwanted items around the house. A part time job or a side gig could be an option. Online surveys are easy and can add up as was shown in the forum post.

The point here is that you are only limited by your creativity. There are nearly endless ways that you can save up $1000 in a short period of time.

Some Final Thoughts

How long would it take to save $1000? How would you approach this challenge? Would you be able to save up a second $1000 even faster? There are no limits, and you could keep this going and going if you so desired.

I’m hoping that this gives you some inspiration and some motivation. If you have always had trouble saving, then this exercise might be the thing that shifts your mindset from a spender to a saver. Try it out and share your results in the comments below.

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