Credit Card Reward Stacking

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Credit Card Reward Stacking

Credit card reward stacking is a concept to stack multiple offers to receive the most savings possible on your purchases. Using your credit card to earn things like cashback, airline miles, or hotel credit can be a smart financial strategy. But there is a way to earn even more and maximize the benefits that you are already receiving. Credit card reward stacking is a strategy of using multiple credit cards, shopping portals, store loyalty programs, and gift cards in conjunction with your card so you can maximize your savings.

Choose your Card

The first step is to choose a credit card that offers rewards of interest. You can choose cash back, airline miles, credit for hotels, gasoline rebates, or some other reward. CompareCards is a good place to start looking for a card that suits your needs.

You can have multiple cards that offer different rewards so you can get the maximum rewards depending on what you are buying. Credit card reward stacking is your goal. The rewards that the card offers is totally up to you.

Shopping Portals

A shopping portal is a website that partners with retailers and redirects shoppers through their site as opposed to going directly to the retailer’s site. The portal earns a commission for bringing shoppers to the retailer via their portal. They then will share a part of this commission with you in the form of cashback or points.

There are multiple portal sites that you can choose from. Cashbackmonitor will allow you to compare various shopping portals to see who is offering the best deals.

Loyalty Cards

If you’ve been to a store lately, then you know that most major retailers offer a loyalty program where you can save money or earn points towards future purchases. These loyalty programs can help you save even more especially on major purchases.

Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards at a discount can help stack your savings further. is one such site that will allow you to shop for gift cards at a discount. Multiple other sites exist as well, so be sure to shop around for the best savings.

Putting it all Together

Here is a simple example of a possible scenario where you can save via reward stacking. Let’s say that you are in the market for a new refrigerator. Home Depot sells the model that you want for $1000. You find that Rebatesme is offering 1% cashback if you buy through their shopping portal. Your refrigerator is now $990. But, you decide to use your Citi Double Cash Card to purchase it. You now receive an extra 2% cashback. The total cost of your refrigerator is now $970. Credit card reward stacking just saved you $30 with very minimal effort. $30 doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you repeat this strategy over and over you will really start to see the rewards and the savings add up.


We all want to save money. We all need to buy things. Taking advantage of the various rewards programs and cashback offers that are out there can really help you save and stretch your money to the max. Most of these rewards and programs are very easy to access and to perform, so there is no reason not to take advantage of them. Try out credit card reward stacking the next time that you need to make a purchase and see how much you can save. Share your best savings story below.

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