Biden Reveals ‘The Only Reason’ Behind U.S. Border Security Crisis

President Joe Biden aims to hold former President Donald Trump and Republicans accountable for rejecting a border security plan they initially demanded. 

Democrats’ Border Struggle

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Polls consistently show Democrats, particularly Biden, as lacking in immigration and border security at the U.S.-Mexico border.

GOP’s Calculated Game

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Republicans appeared set to use the record-high migrant border-crossings to their advantage, by exchanging Ukraine defense funding for tougher border policies, thereby trapping Biden. 

A Sudden Withdrawal

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In an unexpected policy shift, the White House and Senate Democrats agreed to the most extensive immigration law changes in decades. 

Yet, Republicans, influenced by Donald Trump, abandoned the long-negotiated bipartisan border deal.

Biden’s Counterattack

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Biden, shifting from his defensive stance, aims to convert this legislative setback into a triumph for his reelection campaign. 

He declared, “Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.” 

Compromise Effort

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The Biden campaign and Democratic partners are counting on independent voters to notice Biden’s effort to compromise, contrasting with Trump’s missed chance to address what he often termed a national crisis.

The Independent Equation 

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Democratic pollster Matt Barreto, who advised Biden’s 2020 campaign on Latino issues, remarked, “I think it goes beyond neutralizing the (border) issue; I think that Biden is taking control of the issue by really calling Republicans’ bluff.” 

A New Narrative

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Barreto further suggested, “He’s saying I’m ready to act. Now Republicans are on the defensive. They have to explain why they don’t want to take action on the border. And so far, I haven’t heard any good rationale.”

Election Showdown

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Biden vows to address the border deal’s failure nationwide, while Trump, a likely Republican nominee, continues advocating for strict border policies and mass deportation.

 A recent NBC poll shows Trump favored over Biden on border security, 57% to 22%. 

The $118 Billion Bill

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During the $118 billion bill negotiations, largely for Ukraine and Israel, Biden adopted a tougher border stance, seeking authority to “shut down the border” and acknowledging the current insecurity. 

Bipartisan Bill Rejection

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The $118 billion proposal, supported by the White House, allocated $14 billion to Israel, $60 billion to Ukraine, and $20 billion for U.S. southern border security, responding to a surge in illegal migration. 

However, Republicans quickly rejected it, citing election-year politics. 

House Vote Drama

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Speaker Mike Johnson’s effort for a $17 billion stand-alone Israel aid vote failed in the House, with Democrats and hardline Republicans opposing. Additionally, a bid to impeach Secretary Mayorkas was thwarted minutes earlier, embarrassing Johnson.

Impeachment Vote Surprise

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The impeachment resolution fell through unexpectedly when Democrat Al Green, fresh from surgery, voted, surprising Republicans who were short one vote due to Steve Scalise’s absence for cancer treatment.

Biden’s Fundraiser Speech

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Post-failure, Biden expressed shock at the situation and criticized Republicans for yielding to Trump’s pressure at a New York fundraiser.

“Never thought I’d see something like I’m seeing now,” he told donors on Wednesday.

The Border Blame Game

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Republicans, led by Senator Ted Cruz, dismissed Biden’s blame for the border situation, pointing to increased migrant numbers under his presidency. 

They criticized the bipartisan bill for inadequacy, favoring their own H.R.2. 

Bill Is a ‘Political Camouflage’

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Cruz accused the bill of being a mere “political camouflage for Democrats,” designed for election narratives rather than border security, labeling it a deceitful tactic and “an utter lie.”

Cross-Party Agreement

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Senator James Lankford, R-Okla., backing Biden’s claim, attributed the border bill’s failure to election politics and Trump’s desire to thwart Biden’s success. 

Immigration as a Voter Concern

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A recent NPR/Marist poll shows immigration as a top voter concern, with low approval for Biden’s handling. 

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh, a Trump critic, believes Biden’s stronger border enforcement stance may alienate progressive voters, with immigration advocate Kica Matos criticizing Biden’s shift to the right.

‘Mean-spirited, nasty policies’

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Matt Barreto, Biden’s 2020 campaign Hispanic research head, downplays potential backlash, noting Biden’s policies aren’t “mean-spirited” and “nasty” like Trump’s.

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