A Few Small Financial Wins

a few small financial wins
a few small financial wins
Winning with money is a great motivator

I recently had a few small financial wins. These are minor in the grand scheme of things, but I like when I have these small wins along the way to larger goals. Small wins can keep you motivated, and it feels good to have things go your way from a financial standpoint. Here are a couple that I had over the past couple of weeks.

Well Stopped Working

The other weekend at our cabin, the well stopped working. We woke up Sunday morning, and we didn’t have any running water. I made a phone call to a local well service company. He told me that depending on the repair it could be anywhere from $100 to $1000. I made an appointment for him to come look at my well, then I went home later that day.

A few days later I made my way back to the cabin to meet the repair man. To my surprise, when I turned on the breaker to the well, the pump started running. Apparently, the pressure switch had simply frozen up. The day before the well stopped I had the well cap off to do some routine maintenance. It was a cold day, so I must have had the cover off just long enough to freeze up the switch. I got out of this situation for $0. Definitely a win.

My Truck Wouldn’t Start

A few days ago, I went to start my truck and nothing. My battery is new, and all my instruments worked, so I knew I had power. But the engine wouldn’t crank. I called my friend who is a mechanic for some advice. He told me that a common issue on my truck was the fuse for the starter motor was known to blow. Sure enough when I pulled the fuse out it was broken. $4.99 at the auto parts store is all it took to get my truck back on the road.

Had I had a bad starter, I’d be looking at a couple hundred dollars in parts alone. I’ll call a $5 fix a big win.


Having a few small financial wins is a good feeling. Whether having some basic knowledge to work on things and fix them, or whether you have some dumb luck, a small win is a good thing. Wins keep you moving along towards larger goals. Have you had any small financial wins lately? Share below.

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