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With Halloween approaching, what’s spookier than student debt and college costs?

Halloween won’t be quite the same this year. The CDC has deemed trick-or-treating a high-risk activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Halloween parties pose an increased risk of coronavirus—especially if they’re indoors.

Barcode Myths Debunked

  Barcodes are everywhere. Almost everything that you buy either in a store or online will more than likely have a barcode printed somewhere on the packaging. Their primary function is to store information about a particular item for inventory tracking, accounting, and the point of sale. Barcodes have been around since 1973. The first […]

Why GxP Is More Important Than Ever for Drug Companies

Like almost all businesses, pharma companies are facing massive challenges in 2020. The global pandemic has stressed the worldwide economy and every sector is feeling the pain. For the pharma industry, there are a few specific reasons that this pandemic has hurt so much, even at a time where the world is looking to the […]

NextSeed Review

Overview Are you looking for an investment outside of the stock market? Do you want to invest in start-up companies? If so, NextSeed could be for you. NextSeed is yet another crowdfunding site. They offer investments to non-accredited investors with a focus on retail, real estate, and restaurant businesses located primarily in Texas and California. […]

What to Expect When Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a reality for many Americans, with over 730,000 bankruptcies for individuals filed in 2018 for reasons ranging from job loss to medical emergency or the death of a loved one. The prospect of facing bankruptcy seems dire to many suffering from financial hardship, and rightfully so, but you don’t have to face it […]

Do You Need to Cancel a Credit Card Account?

As time goes on, you may find yourself with several credit card accounts, some of which might not even be used or haven’t seen activity for a long time. So it seems that closing that account might make sense or just make your life easier. But the truth is that closing a credit card account […]

How to correctly put the sofa in the center of the room 

A comfortable and soft sofa is always an integral part of any living room, regardless of its size. It is able to harmoniously decorate the interior, but only if it is placed in the most correct and successful way. In modern houses and apartments, this irreplaceable object is often placed in the middle of the […]

Can you Make Money on Wefunder? – Update for 2021

Wefunder is a crowdsourcing site that links investors with startup businesses. There are a multitude of investment types and nearly endless startups (over 340 as of this update) to invest in. But can you make money from Wefunder? The answer put simply is yes. The more complex answer is it depends on the type of […]

Secret ways to Start and Spur Your Business Easily

Entrepreneurs often have lots of plans and ambitions when starting their businesses; they focus on business growth and acknowledgment for their venture. Everyone knows that there’s no special recipe for instant results in business. However, there are secret ways you can approach that can catapult your business to success faster significantly in a competitive environment. […]

Pandemic Job Loss? Here’s How to Make Money Quickly

In 2018, roughly 126.07 million people made up the U.S. civilian labor force. By 2020, however, millions of job layoffs have done a number on the American economy, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But while you might not be alone in your professional setbacks, the matter may be rather serious. Even prior to our […]