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12 Ways New Zealand Startups Can Improve Their Financial Outlook

New Zealand has one of the world’s top 25 startup ecosystems in terms of the number of businesses per capita, making it an ideal place to launch a new company. With an estimated 400-600 tech startups situated throughout the small island nation, there’s already a fair amount of competition within the local economy. However, with […]

Personal Financial Update, Part 2. September 2019

As September draws to a close fall is in the air here.  The nights are getting cooler and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn and fall.  We closed the swimming pool for the season a week ago, and we have begun harvesting fruit from our pear and apple trees.  Soon I’ll be […]

U.S. Jobs At Risk Leading Into 2020 Election

With the next presidential election roughly a year away, the nation faces an uncertain future when it comes to employment rates. The job market seems poised to continue shrinking from a combination of factors; everything from tariffs to job training to increased automation may put more jobs at risk in the near future. While there […]


Bitcoin investors have either made billions from their investment in the crypto currency or are in the process to get into that range! Talking today about the top 8 bitcoin investors of all time; Satoshi Nakamoto: Nakamoto one of the most richest person today tops the list as number 1. Not only he holds the […]

How to make your loan as affordable as possible

A quick guide to loan types in South Africa Let’s face it, taking out loans to cover expenses is more costly than funding outgoings directly from your pocket. Interest rates and service fees make borrowing money a more expensive undertaking than covering costs outright. Unfortunately, sometimes borrowing is necessary. When emergency and essential expenses arise, […]

How Can Specialty Tax Services Help Your Business

Source: Pexels.Com Opportunities to Save Money Specialty tax services can help to identify opportunities to save money on taxes. The effect of deductions and credit can be assessed using such services. Businesses can ensure they are in compliance with tax laws by focusing on said services. Speciality tax services can be applied to different industries. […]

Design Tips To Building A Greener Business

Nowadays, more businesses are making the choice to go green than ever before. This is especially true for beginning entrepreneurs just getting started. It’s much easier for a brand new business to go green than one that already has everything set in motion; the sooner you start working towards an eco-friendly model, the more options […]

3 Things To Know When Buying Your First Used Car

It’s a good option to buy a used car when you’re looking for a quality vehicle but you’re on a serious budget. However, just because it’s a sensible choice to buy a used car doesn’t mean you don’t have to be smart about your choices.

4 Tips To Save Money As A Single Parent

Budgeting is never easy, and it can be even more of a challenge when you’re a single parent. But the good news is that you’re not alone. Between 40% to 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, and many divorcing couples have kids.

Could You Be Saving Money On Homeowners Insurance?

Insurance can be a frustrating expense as part of homeownership. You may often feel like you’re continually paying for a service, without necessarily reaping the benefits of it. Hopefully, you’ll never have to make a homeowners insurance claim; that being said, you still want the most coverage possible for the lowest payment. The more you […]