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Interpreting Your Financial Aid Award Letter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Choosing a college to attend is a very important decision, and there are a lot of factors that contribute to this choice. When you apply and start receiving acceptance letters, deciding how you will pay for college is a next step, and that’s where filling out the FAFSA and receiving your financial aid award letters […]

What Does the Average College Freshman Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many students are unsure of what to expect when they enter their first year of college. Picking a major, deciding on a public school vs. a private school, and deciding how to pay for college are only a few of many questions that go through the minds of students and their families as they prepare […]

How Small Business Loans Can Boost Your Bottom Line

If you’re a small business owner, you know how much it takes to keep your business running successfully. And with all the expenses that need to be covered on a day-to-day basis, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your profits where you want them to be. Small business loans and lines of credit can […]

Money Management Tips for Better Trading

Entering the foreign exchange market without precautions could be compared to driving an F1 car without a safety helmet. If you intend to trade the forex markets with a pragmatic view to be successful, you might want to setup and follow a trading plan which incorporates some money management procedures and safety features. Possibly all […]

Mortgage Basics (and two great strategies to annoy your banker)

Mortgages. Even the name sounds like someone attaching chains to your legs, doesn’t it? But there’s good news: mortgages don’t have to be ominous, and if you do them wisely, you can come out ahead on your mortgage decision. Let’s start with what a typical mortgage looks like and then we’ll talk about some strategies […]

Why Do We Value Worthless Paper As Money?

I’ve got a hundred dollar bill in my pocket and with the possibility of a zombie attack imminent I want to trade it in for real gold. Don’t worry about whether this makes sense or not. I want my gold. I’ve never had any and it seems like the right time. The important question to […]