Trump’s Too-Rich-for-Bond Claim Sparks Waves of Mockery

Donald Trump’s latest legal stance has the internet buzzing—and not in a good way.

Rich Enough to Dodge the Law?

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Trump is saying that because he’s “too rich,” slapping a hefty financial bond on him for an appeal doesn’t make sense. He believes he shouldn’t have to front the $91 million required to contest a defamation decision tied to E. Jean Carroll’s case. 

The Cost of Words for Trump

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This legal drama follows a January decision where Trump was ordered to pay $83.3 million for defaming Carroll, adding to a previous $5 million hit from a sexual assault and defamation case last year, led by the ex-Elle columnist.

Social Media Reacts 

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On Reddit, there’s a mix of humor and debate over Trump’s legal tactic. One user joked, “I’m gonna try this at the end of the month when my landlord swings by. Might even put on a suit.”

Too Rich for Reality?

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Some expressed skepticism with remarks like “not sure that’s how it works” and witty alternatives, “If too rich to get bond then just put up the cash without bond lol.” 

Some See Logic

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Despite criticism, some are siding with Trump’s legal team, suggesting the move isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem. Comments such as “It’s not as crazy as it sounds” and “The argument was that he is sufficiently wealthy that a bond is unnecessary to protect the claimant” show there’s some support for the strategy.

Trump’s Time-Out

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Last Friday, Trump’s lawyers made a bold move in court, asking Judge Lewis Kaplan to hit the pause button on the clock ticking down Trump’s 30-day deadline to either pay up $83 million to E. Jean Carroll or secure a bond for an appeal.

This request follows a January jury verdict that found Trump guilty of defaming Carroll while he rebutted her sexual assault allegations. 

The $91 Million Bond

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In the Empire State, to appeal a civil case verdict, you’ve got to put down a cash bond worth 110% of the judgment—that’s over $91 million Trump needs to gather to contest the defamation charge. With the court’s final say given on February 8, Trump’s got until March 9 to sort his finances. 

Covered by Trump’s Wealth

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His legal eagles are pushing for a free pass in the meantime, arguing that Carroll has pretty much admitted she’s covered, given her trial remarks hinting at Trump’s wealth far surpassing the judgment sum.

Trump’s Legal Maneuvering

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Trump’s legal team is playing hardball in their latest court filings, seeking to push back the deadline for the $83 million payment Trump owes Carroll, as per a jury’s decision. They’re arguing for a delay in the payment or bond posting required for an appeal, citing Carroll’s own courtroom statements about Trump’s wealth as a reason he shouldn’t need to secure the bond with cash. 

The Unsecured Stay Request

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They’ve proposed an unsecured stay, meaning Trump wouldn’t have to shell out any cash immediately. However, Judge Kaplan wasn’t buying it and demanded a written rebuttal from Carroll’s side, setting tight deadlines for both parties to make their next moves.

Trump’s Final Play

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With the clock ticking down, Trump’s legal team made a late-game play, asking for a pause on the defamation judgment enforcement on the 25th day of a 30-day deadline. 

The Appeal Bond Alarm

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Facing a daunting $91.63 million appeal bond, Trump’s lawyers are sounding the alarm over the significant, irreversible financial toll it represents. They’re pushing for a bit of leniency, suggesting a slashed bond amount based on an anticipated reduced judgment post-appeal, hoping to lighten Trump’s financial load to a more manageable $24.475 million.

New York Financial Troubles

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Trump faces more financial woes in New York, stemming from a civil fraud case ruled by Judge Engoron. Trump’s been slapped with a massive fine of nearly $355 million, ballooned to over $454 million with back-dated interest—numbers that are climbing daily due to ongoing interest. 

Bans and Loans

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Trump’s been barred from securing bank loans and holding director positions in New York companies for three years, following a verdict of business fraud in a case initiated by Attorney General Letitia James, which also named his sons and close company associates.

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