Stop Wasting Money!

Many Americans feel that, in some way, they are wasting tons of money every year. We aren’t sure exactly where it’s going, or even how to make it stop. Getting control of your finances is a scary and painful experience. With our quick and easy multiple-choice quiz, you’ll learn how a zero-sum budget can help you cut your expenses down to a manageable level. The goal of zero-sum budgeting is to give every dollar a job so that at the end of the month, you have zero dollars left in your bank account.


Find out how a zero-sum budget gives you more control over your life, and make better financial choices to avoid overspending. Discover what ordinary budget-draining expenses most people overlook, and learn how to treat savings, debt payments, and investments in your zero-sum budget plan. Determine what method you should use to accurately forecast future savings potential, and why the best way to stay on track is with a budget based on real income. With Health I.Q.’s helpful quiz, you’ll have all the information you need to start your zero-sum budget today.


Many families find that a zero-sum budget is the ideal financial budgeting tool because every dollar has a purpose. It helps you identify problem areas in your spending, and gives you the ability to create spending limits you can live with. When you create a zero-sum budget, your goal is to end the month with no cash left to waste.


Take our enlightening quiz today, discover your zero-sum budget I.Q., and find out how you can learn more.  And if you love this quiz, please let Health IQ know in the comments below, or go to, and find related quizzes such as How to Start an Emergency Savings Account, or How Much Does it Cost to Live in the UK?


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