Man Hired by Trump to Prove Election Fraud Debunks President’s Claim

Trump’s endeavors to prove election fraud through a company specializing in large-scale database analytics solutions ultimately backfired as the owner revealed that Trump was consistently pushing a “lie” that the investigation had debunked.

Trump’s $750,000 Effort Falls Short

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In the wake of the 2020 election, then-President Trump turned to Ken Block’s company, Simpatico Software Systems, to investigate allegations of voter fraud. Despite an intensive search and a $750,000 investment in a law firm, Block’s findings conclusively disproved these claims of fraud.

Expert’s Data Insights

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“I am the expert who was hired by the Trump campaign,” Block wrote. “The findings of my company’s in-depth analysis are detailed in the depositions taken by the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. The transcripts show that the campaign found no evidence of voter fraud sufficient to change the outcome of any election. That message was communicated directly to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.”

No Evidence of Voter Fraud 

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Expanding on his findings, Block stated, “Those emails and documents show that the voter data available to the campaign contained no evidence of large-scale voter fraud based on data mining and fraud analytics. More important, claims of voter fraud made by others were verified as false, including proof of why those claims were disproven.”

Bipartisan Voter Fraud Detected

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Despite the Trump contract’s requirement to uncover widespread voter fraud, Block revealed that the only detected fraud was “bipartisan” in nature, with both Republicans and Democrats casting duplicate votes. 

Fraud Would Have Been Proven

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Block said that the number of deceased voters nationwide was minimal and did not reach the threshold for legal challenges to the election results in any state, stressing that if voter fraud had played a part in the 2020 election, it would have already been proven. 

“Maintaining the lies undermines faith in the foundation of our democracy,” he added. 

Trump’s Use of “Lies”

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Block, the owner of Simpatico Software Systems, also spoke out against the “steady diet of lies and innuendo”  that Trump has consistently used to “overcome the truth.”

Was the Election Stolen? 

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Expressing his disapproval, he remarked, “The cries that the election was lost or stolen due to voter fraud continue with no sign of stopping…Whether a stump speech, outrageous lawsuits like the so-called Kraken cases filed by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani’s lies or the ongoing misguided efforts of people determined to prove the election was stolen, the constant drumbeat hardens people’s hearts and minds to the truth about the 2020 election,”

Uncertainty Over Fraudulent Votes

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Block clarified that even if his company had managed to identify a sufficient number of fraudulent votes to cast doubt on the margin of victory in key battleground states, it would have remained uncertain whether these fraudulent ballots were in favor of Trump or Biden.

Anonymous Voting and Privacy

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“We vote anonymously − with good reason,” Block wrote.

“No candidate can credibly claim that a fraudulent vote was credited to their opponent unless the person who cast that vote tells us. This means that a candidate trying to use voter fraud as the reason to change an election result cannot show that the fraudulent votes caused their election loss.”

Let’s Move On for Democracy

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Block suggested that time would be better invested in bolstering national electoral systems to enhance election security by November 2024, pointing out that practices such as gerrymandering are detrimental to America’s esteemed democracy.  

A Call for Change

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Redirecting time, money, and energy toward addressing the systemic weaknesses in our election systems would be a more valuable endeavor for America’s highest interests.

These critical weaknesses that hinder “fairer and more competitive” elections include the “distressing lack of national election infrastructure” essential for enforcing election integrity” and the “destructive practices” seen in the U.S. elections like gerrymandering. 

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