How to Plan a Last Minute Summer Vacation and Not Blow Your Budget

last minute summer vacation

last minute summer vacationI don’t know about you, but for us summer gets expensive! Between summer vacations, family gatherings, weddings and kid involvements, our budget always seems to go bust in the summer. We’re like caged animals being let out. Cooped inside all winter and finally out socializing again can hurt the pocket-book.

If you haven’t yet made any summer travel plans, it’s not too late. You can still plan a last minute summer vacation without busting your budget.


Having a good plan in place is key to saving on your last minute summer vacation. Figure out how much you have to spend and set a budget! With the many online options for vacation services, it won’t take much effort to get price ideas.  With a few clicks of your mouse you will have a plethora of information at your fingertips.

Online Deals

Checking online daily coupon sites for deals may be a great starting point for plans. If you’re flexible with your dates you may be able to grab some great last minute summer vacation deals. Last summer I was able to get  hotel for a friend’s wedding at almost 50% off. Not too shabby for five minutes worth of effort.


Traveling during the week (Monday-Friday) is generally more expensive than the weekends since it is when business people travel. Forced business trips mean hotels and airlines can, and generally do, charge more money during the week. Check your price options for travel and accommodation stay on the weekends. Summer is peak tourism season almost anywhere you go so prices are at a premium everywhere.last minute summer vacation

Plan a Staycation

I used to think I had to pack up and leave town to have a great vacation but last summer it just wasn’t an option. Though it was a forced situation we had a fantastic ‘’staycation’’. We explored our city, even getting a hotel for two nights (Whoo A/C!). We checked out a few restaurants we had heard about and went to a few events that were in town (and free). Though we spent some money on hotel and food it wasn’t near as expensive had we drove anywhere. The cost savings on fuel was a great relief. A staycation is a great last minute summer vacation option and great way to explore your own city through tourist eyes.

If you haven’t had time to plan something yet, it’s not too late to plan your last minute summer vacation. Summer is a great time to reconnect with your friends and family. Your time should be about memories, not spending a ton of money. With a little effort, there are deals to be found.

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