GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville Faces Tough Reality Check from Alabama Reporter Over NY Crime Rates After Mocking Biden’s Ice Cream Outing

Alabama’s Senator Tommy Tuberville slammed New York City for what he claimed was rampant crime, but a fact check from a reporter in his state quickly countered his claims. 

Is NYC As Unsafe As Tuberville Claims?

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On X, previously known as Twitter, the Alabama senior senator poked fun at President Biden for making a trip to the Big Apple to join Seth Meyers on NBC, saying, “Hope Joe Biden enjoyed going out for ice cream in NYC while the rest of the city is afraid of crime and migrants. ” 

Tuberville’s Triple Play


Senator Tuberville likely felt a sense of accomplishment with his post, having taken a swipe at President Biden, urban centers in Democrat-led states, and migrants all at once—a true conservative triple play. 

But there was a hiccup: his assertions were off the mark. 

Fact-Check on Claims

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Kyle Whitmire of wasted no time in schooling Tuberville on the real stats, showing Alabama to be much more dangerous regarding murder rates than New York City.

Alabama’s Crime Rate

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He clarified, “NYC’s homicide rate is 4.8 per 100k. Alabama’s homicide rate is 15.9 per 100k — more than three times that of NYC.”

The Real Statistics

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Indeed, government data shows the states with the highest murder rates are Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, all under Republican control.

Providing Evidence 

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Whitmire didn’t just make claims; he provided evidence to support his points in a subsequent tweet

As of Tuesday afternoon, there was no word of a response from the senator to Whitmire’s correction.

New Yorkers Mock Tuberville

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New Yorkers were quick to mock Tuberville’s derogatory remarks about their city. Maura Dougherty quipped, “I personally got murdered three times in NYC over the last six months,” poking fun at the exaggerated crime claims.  

Real Fears vs. Tuberville’s Claims

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Laura Bassett humorously shared her concerns, saying, “Things I spend my days afraid of in New York: random right-wing football coaches from Alabama getting massive political power and using it to take reproductive freedoms away. Things I do not spend my days afraid of: crime and migrants.”

Misplaced Priorities?

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Another commenter, Art Candee, highlighted Tuberville’s misplaced priorities, mentioning, “A major criminal, Trump, is about to go to jail and New Yorkers are excited!”

The user suggested that he should worry more about the 91 felonies of his party’s leader than New York’s crime rate.

A Controversial Endorsement

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Senator Tuberville found himself at the center of controversy and critique after he endorsed the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling that deemed frozen embryos as children, yet paradoxically opposed its implications. 

Alabama’s IVF Challenge

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He advocated for IVF treatments, which have been adversely affected across Alabama due to the court’s verdict. Yet, he mentioned a desire to review the non-existent legislation more thoroughly before further commenting. 

Alabama’s New Reality

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This contradictory stance unfolded within a mere three-minute conversation following a query about his take on the court’s groundbreaking decision, which has since cast a shadow over many Alabama families and fertility clinics facing potential wrongful death liabilities for the disposal of unused embryos. 

Families Face IVF Treatment Pause

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This has led to at least two health clinics pausing their IVF treatments, leaving countless families in a lurch, unable to pursue family expansion through fertility aid. 

Initial Reaction

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Tuberville initially didn’t shy away from applauding the court’s decision while speaking to journalists at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “I was all for it,” he cheerfully stated. 

“You know, you just gotta look at everything going on in the country. It’s just an attack on families, an attack on kids. You know, anything we can do for the future of our young people because they’re our No. 1 commodity.”

Call for More Kids

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Tuberville’s remarks seemed to miss the mark, as he attempted to address the repercussions of the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision on IVF treatments with a broader call for increasing the birth rate. 

His advocacy for “needing more kids” clashed with the reality that the ruling has led to a decrease in accessible fertility options for Alabama families. 

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