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Why Aren’t 529 Educational Savings Plans More Popular?

How do you plan to fund your children’s education? You’re probably counting on scholarships and grants, right? Reliance on scholarships and grants is the highest in a decade, while college savings is on the decline, according to a new report from Sallie Mae. Savings covers less than one quarter of collegiate funding for the typical […]

5 Retirement Planning Miscalculations That Waste Your Money

If you’ve been procrastinating about retirement planning, now is a good time to sit down and just do it. Write down how much money you will need in the future to maintain your current standard of living and figure out your sources of income. If you don’t know how to even start, speak with a […]

Long-Term Mortgage Rates Hit a Seven-Year High

It Will Cost You More to Buy a Home The housing market topped a new threshold over the past week. Buoyed by a strong economy and a series of interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, thirty-year fixed mortgage interest rates reached 4.61 percent – the highest number since May of 2011. Rates crossed the […]

Keeping Your Family Entertained This Summer On A Budget

As summer approaches, it’s wise to spare some thought to how you plan to keep your family entertained over the vacation. Try and prepare in advance and have different options up your sleeve. When it comes to making a rough schedule, remember to factor in the uncertainties of the weather and have an option B […]

Loans: Application to approval

Small businesses in USA today are big. The idea that huge corporations are the reigning kings in USA is inaccurate given that small businesses, or companies that have less than 500 employees’ forms 99 percent of all enterprises existing independently. In fact, 19.6 million employees in America work in companies that employ less than 20 […]

How to Make Your Business Loan Last Longer

So you’ve just gotten that business loan and you are thrilled about it. You worked so hard to get to this point and now you have it. Congratulations! Now you have the capital you’ve always dreamed of to further your business goals. This is great, but be careful. Money comes and goes and it is […]

Card Balances Drop While Consumer Credit Growth Slows

A new government report provides both good news and bad news about America’s massive consumer debt load. The bad news: America’s total consumer debt continues to rise. According to May’s G.19 Consumer Credit Report from the Federal Reserve, combined (revolving and nonrevolving) outstanding debt rose by $11.7 billion in March to reach $3.875 trillion – […]

Great Non-Stock Investment Options for the Risk Averse

All investments incur some form of risk, but none quite as much as stocks. Given the volatility of stocks, some potential investors might be inherently averse to holding most of their assets in this format. On the plus side, the stock market is not the only place to invest. There are, in fact, excellent alternative […]

Get on Top of Debt: Pay Your Bills

One of the biggest problems facing everyday folks in the US is medical insurance. This is especially true in the absence of the personal mandate for Obamacare. Now that there are no longer any tax penalties in place, the IRS cannot punish folks for not having health coverage as from 2019. However, when medical emergencies […]