Dividend Aristocrats 2013: 25+ Years Increasing Dividend Payout

Investors love Dividend Stocks. They rely on them for their portfolio because they provide a guaranteed additional income. During the last recession (any recession really) your other available options for income, CD’s and Bonds, tanked. They were no longer the less risky investment option because their payout dropped. They dropped so low that investors are now looking at this list of Dividend Aristocrats 2013.

What’s so great about this list of Dividend Aristocrats 2013?

Risk averse Investors love stability and reliability. How awesome is it that when you put money in a stock with dividend payouts that you know with a guarantee that they’ve been doing that for 25 years? Well, that’s exactly what Dividend Aristocrats are. In order to make this exceptional list a company has to be in the S&P 500 and have increased their dividend payout for 25 consecutive years.

25 Years in a row of increasing dividends?!

Yes, you read that right. This screams stable and reliable for any investment portfolio. Dividend Aristocrats have passed the test of time.

How much do Dividend Aristocrats pay out? What about in 2013?

Well, each stock is different. Some are as high as $3.30 a share and others are below $1. You’ll have to go through the list below and see which ones right for you.

What should I watch out for?

Dividend stocks are stable and reliable in the sense that they’ve met the Dividend Aristocrat’s 25 year requirement. But this doesn’t predict the future. If a company tanks or fails to meet the requirements they’ll be taken off this list. Like any investment, it’s important to monitor your investments.

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Now let’s take a look at this years list:

S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats 2013: 54 Total

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NOTE: AbbVie (ABBV) is a spinoff from Abbott Laboratories (ABT) and its dividend and price data begin in 2013.

You probably noticed that this list of Dividend Aristocrats 2013 is not full of fancy or glamorous stocks. Some are companies you see everyday and never thought had a great dividend payout. To provide an additional source of income it doesn’t need to be famous and trendy. Go with consistency and your portfolio will pass the test of time.


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