Progressive HomeQuote Explorer: A New Way to Save on Insurance

progressive homequote explorer
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Saving money is often at the forefront of all of our minds. This can be especially true for homeowners. Many people who own a home feel as though they are constantly spending money on maintaining and insuring their home. Making small adjustments to save cash is a big help but what if you could use a tool to help you compare and save even more money?

Home insurance, for example, can be a large expense. And the pain and time-consuming process of changing to a new policy can keep you locked into paying more than you may need to. With Progressive’s new HomeQuote Explorer you can save money and your time, too.

About Progressive HomeQuote Explorer

If you have ever called around looking to get a quote on home insurance you’ve found yourself repeating the same thing over and over with each company before even getting a price. You may not know the answers to all of the questions they are asking either. For instance, I know my house has a roof, but what kind of roof? Are there more than one kind? Yes, but don’t ask me.

HomeQuote Explorer simplifies buying home insurance. Much of the information you typically have to fill in yourself is filled in from public record after entering your address. It also provides photos of each item so you don’t have to guess at what your home has and doesn’t have. Within 15 minutes, you’ll have quotes (yes, plural). Progressive provides you with quotes from multiple companies side-by-side.

Does this way of buying insurance sound familiar to you? It should. Progressive has had this type of tool for over 20 years with auto insurance. With the new HomeQuote Explorer you will be able to compare home insurance rates and pick the policy that is best for you. Once you’ve done that, you can complete your home insurances online or call and a Progressive team member will help you with the rest.

Because insurance is a competitive business, insurance providers are under economic pressure to maximize their revenue. For many companies, this has led to a policy called price optimization

Price optimization is basically when an insurance company gathers and crunches a bunch of data to determine how sensitive a given household is to price raises. Then the company will raise the price accordingly.

Progressive has publicly stated that they do not participate in price optimization. So, on top of knowing that you’ll be given a fair quote, HomeQuote Explorer also gives you peace of mind knowing you’ve considered your options. You don’t have to stress over calling agents (or having them bombard you with calls). You also don’t have to put in a ton of effort to get a quote. It takes less than five minutes.

I suggest trying the HomeQuote Explorer. It provides you with a safe and speedy way to get an online quote for home insurance. It would be crazy not to give it a try! While this article provides you with some great advice on how to save money on house insurance, you could be saving money on pet insurance also. You should check your budget and research a bit to see if you could find a better pet insurance cost for your loved one. Don’t waste any time and start saving money today!

Have you used Progressive HomeQuote Explorer? What was your experience?