The Positives and Negatives of Credit

Some people have short memories or perhaps they are just born optimists. The level of debt in the USA is growing at the fastest rate since the recession hit. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has reported that the current level of consumer debt is $11.52 trillion higher than it was towards the end […]

Tips to Avoid Being Scammed While Investing

  Ponzi Possibly the most famous scam, Ponzi scams involve a primary con-artist who collects funds from fresh investors and uses it to pay dividends to earlier investors. Ponzi schemes fail when the thief at the center of the scam no longer can draw fresh investors or if too many investors try to get their […]

Retirement Planning to Help You Retire Early

Retiring early is one of those frequent thoughts that cross our mind during work-weary stress filled days. Giving it a thought is not bad and acting upon it might just work out great. So if you happen to be one of those thinking of work-free days and spending quality time with family, here are a […]

Getting Your Online Personal Loans Approved

These days, you can do a lot of financial transactions online, including personal loans. However, even with the promise of fast and easy applications, a lot of people are often understandably weary of the possibility that they may be denied for the loan. As a result, here are some handy tips and tricks that can […]

Manage Your Money: Financial Tips for New Graduates

  This is it. You’re walking across the graduation stage and about to get your diploma for your bachelor’s degree. Congratulations! Now, what next? In your mind, there is a checklist of the things you want to do. Look for a job. Earn money. Be successful. Be independent. Some college graduates already have an idea […]

Freshbooks vs. Kashoo vs. Xero: A battle for online-based accounting software

As the cloud-computing revolution continues, small business owners are likely shopping for new accounting software to bring their operation up to today’s technology standards and make it more efficient. Cloud accounting allows for multiple users, seamless data entry, greater security and more flexibility. Software can be accessed through a web browser or a mobile app, […]

A Clear Definition of the 50 Day Moving Average and Why Should You Care About It

For those seeking to understand financial terms, this short write-up will let you understand the 50 Day Moving Average. It is also known as the % 50d MA. Take a few minutes of your precious time to have a better understanding on its definition and significance. What does the %50 DMA mean? This is basically […]

The Power of Great Investment Management from MFS

MFS regularly does something that’s extremely difficult: get their investors better yields than they would from a general index fund. Index funds are passive, stocks aren’t chosen by anybody. They just get added to the fund based on who is performing best in the market place. Because the market has the tendency to grow over […]