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Four Ways To Try and Save Your Money

Everyone wants to have more money in their wallet, and one practical way to do this is to save more of it. Adopt habits that allow you to do so and quit making the same mistakes over and over again that are holding you back from becoming wealthier. Don’t expect this transformation to happen overnight. […]

Do you own a business? Here are 5 ways to reduce your costs.

If you own a business, controlling costs is extremely important. It can help you make payroll each month, invest in the future growth of your business, and also it can help you pay yourself a salary. Some ways to save money make sense for multiple reasons and other ways to save money are very short-sighted. […]

Is This the Right Time to Jump into the Cryptocurrency Game?

After Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, there was a soaring interest in cryptocurrency. But, as the flagship cryptocurrency continues to tumble, many became hesitant to get in the game. Tamila McDonaldTamila McDonald has worked as a Financial Advisor for the military for past 13 years. She has taught Personal Financial classes on every subject from credit, to […]

Do you know how real success looks like

All the traders who enter the Forex market enter with the intention of earning profits but there are exceptional traders as well. The exceptional traders who enter with the intention of succeeding are the ones who become pro traders at the end of the road. Even the Australian traders can be considered as the ones […]

Getting Your Finances Back on Track After a Financial Set Back

In life, there will be points where you experience dizzying highs, but there will also be moments you feel so low that you don’t know how you will ever recover. Unfortunately, these emotions are usually the result of how safe your financial situation is, and if you have found yourself in debt, or at the […]

Tips for Maximizing Your Property Buying Potential

Sometimes it’s harder to get a mortgage than you first thought. If your credit score isn’t great or your paycheck might not be up there with the higher earners, it can sometimes feel disheartening when you feel that you may not get onto the property ladder. If you’re in this rut, there are some things […]

What Lenders see when they View your Credit Score

When submitting an application for a mortgage, loan, or credit card, lenders will want to know how likely you are to make repayments. To do this, they will primarily assess your credit score. This number is effectively an indication of how you, as a consumer, deal with credit. The higher the number, the greater the […]

What is Causing the Bitcoin Decline?

Bitcoin made headlines last year after reaching meteoric heights. At one point, each Bitcoin was valued at over $19,000, driving up interest in cryptocurrency investments. But since that peak, the Bitcoin decline left many who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency investments with questions. Most notably, what was causing Bitcoin to sink. If you’ve asked yourself the […]

Social Fx Trading

The internet today is an important feature that few people imagine living without. It has brought about various social platforms which have completely transformed people’s interaction methods, and revolutionized the way business is transacted. Everybody is racing to ensure that they are not left behind in this digital transformation. The financial industry has not been […]

Are you looking for an active online forum for Asian-based Forex traders? Here are 6 forums you should join in 2018

In the pre-historic era, men thrived in their environments by hunting and gathering in groups. This resilient community spirit enhanced also enhanced protection from external attacks. Nowadays, you can just order a pizza online rather than going into the woods. However, when it comes to successful Forex trading, you need to belong to a community. […]