Who Is He and What is Eben Pagan’s Net Worth?

Eben Pagan Net WorthEben Pagan Net Worth

$15 million as of 2017.

Who is Eben Pagan?
Eben Pagan is a self-made multi millionaire that amassed a great amount of wealth from creating E-books sold via his various websites focused on self help in dating, business, and personal finance to name a few. Several of his self-help E-books have been very successful from a commercial standpoint. Fortunately he even has a website that displays all of his products, which is a genius marketing tactic in it’s own right, so take notes! Although his first major product was focused on dating, he has created many brands focused on helping entrepreneurs with their business and personal life, with a direct focus on online sales / marketing.

Double your dating
One of his more significant successes is “double your dating” in which he markets himself as a guide to help men improve their dating life. It is interesting to wonder what marketing tactics he utilizes here, because he operates under a different name, David DeAngelo. Upon reading his website, one can quickly tell that he is a professional at showing the value of his products. He utilizes unique marketing strategies to brand his products in a way that sells well. One point in particular that I personally like about his sales page, is that he gains the trust of his audience by admitting that he does not have all the answers, and that one should not blindly believe him. At this point the reader can make an informed decision about whether they want to buy or not, without feeling sold to or guilt-tripped.

Double your dating for example sells its target market on the secrets they will gain by buying his dating advice. By delivering a great deal of free content via his website he argues he can convince readers to believe his paid content is even more valuable which is a great strategy if you ask me!

Other Entrepreneurial Pursuits
Eben also has various brands related to personal time and business management. One of his brands, Eben Pagan training helps business owners start, grow, and manage their businesses, and obviously charges a fee which is profitable for him. Altogether, it is estimated that Pagan’s business have generated over $100 million in revenue, not too shabby Eben!

Check his business focused website here: http://ipb.us/eben-pagan/

The Concept of Value: What we Can Learn
According to several sources, Pagan focuses on the concept of delivering value to customers. This sounds like an obvious point, but it is funny to me how many companies overlook this and don’t adjust to their customers needs. Everyone has some type of skill they have learned over the years, even if by accident, that they can share with the world, and the online marketplace is the best way to do that says Pagan. Pagan argues that if you can provide free content to people that is actually valuable, many of those prospects will become customers because they will see that there is likely even more value if they are willing to pay a price for it. Overall, Eben is a guy that is definitely worth listening to, but do make sure that you evaluate whether you need his products, so that you are not buying for the sake of buying. For example, if you are a business, it may make sense to check out his products, as they have sold very well and likely have helped many business owners grow.

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